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'DEFACED', Pleasure without restriction, it was revealed on the 'Venomous Eden'

Unintentionally, when we visited the site of the label ' Rising Nemesis Records ', we hear a song that catchy in these ears, titled ' Venomous Eden' from ' Defaced' , a death metal band from Switzerland, who reportedly will release their second full length album entitled ' Forging The Sanctuary ' next year, precisely on 3rd January 2015.  These ears are directly instigated to hear repeatedly, through a combination of the dynamic tempo grooves, easy to headbang, and has a depth of death metal rhythms in harmony with a beautiful melody at the same time apply the charm of satisfaction without limit. Neat, tasty and hard to ignored.

A song that recently published is the culmination of pleasure that always we are looking for. Got a rhythm that burn situation, the depth of the tempo of the harmony and dynamics in play death metal which entertaining, as well as truly mastering all the interest to welcome the elegance of death metal. They know how to make a cruel music become tasty to be heard. And ' Venomous Eden ' for us is a pleasure without end, where in addition to direct an intense feel of a cruel, mischievous, aggressive, rebellious and torturing. This song also gives a definition of tempo which entertaining, diverse and full of temptations that make this brain remember it always. 

The label has opened the pre-order since earlier this month. the second full length album entitled ' Forging The Sanctuary ' was recorded at Studio Hardbeat (CH), mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio (PL). Ten songs and a bonus track titled ' End of Torment ' ready to satisfy this soul. While the artwork, done by ' Dan Seagrave'.

Track List:
01. Because I despise
02. Antithesis
03. Rapture through bondage
04. Sower of discord
05. And with it rose Satan
06. I, the state, am the people
07. Forging the sanctuary
08. Venomous Eden
09. Humanity's lost hope
10. You get what you deserve
11. End of torment (Bonus)

Guitar - Romano Galli
Guitar - Marco Kessi
Drums - Markus Röthlisberger
Bass - Simon Egli
Vocals - Thomas Gertsch

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