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DESTROYING DIVINITY - Hollow Dominion (2014) * Review

We ' ve been long waiting this album, and satisfied at once proud of can touch the endless pain through the moans of barbarity in the album ' Hollow Dominion '.  Disharmony of death metal compositions that made us endure to keep the attention to their music.  This album is sacred, because maintaining the existence of assertiveness in the original sense of expressing the extreme music.  The existence of savagery in plays the dissonance of death metal, makes this mind fixed on a contemplation against the incarnation of torture and barbarity, totally blasphemous and full of suffering.   And we are deliberately putting this body not to move and remain standing upright to receive all their inhumanity, this is completely pure and not be denied again.  Hear the album in its entirety, we were like imprisoned and chained on the underground, nobody accompany, there is only darkness and echoes are wrenching of incitement to torture that feels eternal and hard to forget. All that, buried with all shades of gripped from beginning to end, which expressed by ' Destroying Divinity ' in their full length album entitled ' Hollow Dominion' .   The album was released September 2014 ago, through 'Lavadome Productions '.

Opening and last song in this album which is titled 'The Eternity Guardians' and 'Inner Slavery' are the most poignant songs for us, while simultaneously touching the mind to open and feel the scent of more gripping on every song on this album.   The provocative of outrage really feels when we heard the savagery in raping a depth growl which very blasphemous in each song, and a classic clash of disharmony beats on drums really frightening, painful and full of madness that sourced on songs entitled 'Burning Divine Domination', 'Empire Of Emptiness' and 'Defleshed Skeleton' . All the malices are listed in a composition of the purity of plays brutal death, we feel on the songs entitled 'Scent of Death', 'Suffering Redemption' and 'Sinful Omens'.   Astounding and thrilling adrenaline. 

We must admit that the label ' Lavadome Productions ', indeed provides the original death metal taste , not only in this album, they have also been spreading other inhumanity on the album belongs to 'Perversity', 'Chaos Inception' or 'Brutally Deceased'.   This is truly boast of and fulfill our satisfaction against the concept of pure death metal.   And this time, the atrocities continued, when the album ' Hollow Dominion', disclosed.   Appears to retain the original flavor of torture and madness in concocted the concept of blasphemy, at once tempting these ears to continue to hear this authenticity.  Very impressive.

Barbarity has to be disclosed, brutality have incited, and torture which should be think about. We feel all it in every song on this album, and we thought, ' Hollow Dominion', not only gives the strong essence of death metal yet gives a lasting impression in enjoying the purity of extreme music, we are very hard to forget dissonance of their rhythm, really haunting the mind until now. And for us, the splendor of the purity of death metal that reveals all the incarnation of darkness , honesty of disharmony, and strength through the malice, there is only on this album in this year. 

Track List:
1.     The Eternity Guardians
2.     Burning Divine Domination
3.     Scent of Death
4.     Empire Of Emptiness
5.     Suffering Redemption
6.     Defleshed Skeleton
7.     Sinful Omens
8.     Inner Slavery 

GASSI - Guitar
FLAGIN - Guitar

 Jan Fastner
Horni Vltavice 81
Czech Republic


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