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'DISTILLATOR ' grasping a hatred and rebellion through 'Guerilla Insurgency ', from their first album that will come.

Aggressive and full of emotional unfold, when first time, heard a song published by thrash metal from Netherlands called 'Distillator'.   A song entitled ' Guerilla Insurgency ', instead of just giving the assertiveness to play the rhythms that sting the anger of thrash metal, but this track is so fast give an imagination in our brain about a hatred and disquiet, toward something like to ruin the peace.

 Mixed with a powerful sense of the Old school, makes the brain and ears easy to accept their anger repeatedly. The composition of the rapid rhythms and assertive, straightforward and very catchy , tempting body to move.  We do not be able to silence heard this song, because agitated by a plan to rebelled, cool, tasty and memorable in the brain. 

The song is taken from their first album entitled ' Revolutionary Cells ', will be released by the label ' Empire Records ' in February 2015.   We cannot wait to welcome this uprising, especially the label will release it in LP and Tape besides the CD, our expectation is already complete to this album.

Desecrator - Guitar / Vocals
Frankie Suim - Bass / Backing Vocals
Marco Distillator - Drums
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