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FLESHBOMB - Reincarnated in Abomination (2014) * Review

Since its releases last September, until now, we are still hearing this album because in this album, there is something sick and gripping.   Savagery and blaspheme the norms of barbarity ,no doubt on this album.  Dense, thick, and coarse in concocting a disharmony brutal is something that we dreamed in this year. Grievous of wounds that already long scratched , back torn, when hearing the demagoguery of brutal technical of them.   All that, definite we get from ' Fleshbomb ' in their second full length album entitled ' Reincarnated in Abomination '.   Their maturity in blending the heinous elements of brutal riffs, with savagery slicing technical harmony that really outside the limits.  We were silenced, tortured and forced keep all this in the brain.

Almost 30 minutes in conditions of gripping and suspenseful, started by an introduction entitled ' Prelude to Demolition ', then these ears direct corked by the eternal disharmony of the song called ' Compulsive Clitoridectomy'.   This song is very barbaric in showing brutal and technical dissonance.   Ruthless, blasphemous and this song was a source of torture against the nuances of abomination in other songs.   We are not satisfied if not heard this song four times before heard other songs.

The wounds increasingly suppurating and decaying, when feel a pang in the songs entitled 'Reincarnated in Abomination', 'Daemonic Extraterrastrial Infestation', and 'Abdominal Self-Mutilation'.  In these songs, we thought ' Fleshbomb ', slightly reduce pressure in set the tempo.   Neater, grooved and offers more nuances of hate and torment that shackled.   For us, these songs are very catchy.   Continues later, in the songs, titled ' The Day of Grotesque Massacre ', and ' Harem of Dismembered Brides '.   Up here, We remain wounded, but the presence of these two songs, such as close while on a wound that scratched by early songs in this album .

'Omnicide' is fucking sick.   This song was the most ruthless and most despicable that we found on this album.  This wound not only scratched, when heard this song, but increasingly tore and burned. Suspenseful situations again we feel at the end of the album let alone followed by the song ' Womb Full of Scabs '. There is a desire to kill, torturing and chopping someone's body. Very memorable in this brain until now.

We are happy to receive all the torment and letting the wound that scratched be lacerated and burning, when enjoying all the songs on this album. For us ' Reincarnated in Abomination ', is the satisfaction of enjoying the elements of torture that really could not stop from beginning to end, an irresistible desire to come down into the wild and this album is one of a very painful album that we admire and proud, because we were easy to receive and feel the torment of this album. This is the absolute that we expected from this brutality. 

Track List:
1.     Prelude to Demolition
2.     Compulsive Clitoridectomy
3.     Reincarnated in Abomination    
4.     Daemonic Extraterrastrial Infestation
5.     Abdominal Self-Mutilation
6.     The Day of Grotesque Massacre 
7.     Harem of Dismembered Brides    
8.     Omnicide
9.     Womb Full of Scabs 

Sergey Gordeev :Vocals
Vasiliy Golovin :Drums
Anton Zhikharev :Bass
Vyacheslav Chepelev : Guitar

3-9-12-201 Nagara-Naka
Kita-Ku, Osaka

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