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HATEFUL DESOLATION - Withering In Dust (2014) * Review

Indeed, we must admit that this is a demo, and consisted of just two songs plus an instrumental in a physical format. Whereas, as we have heard all the songs and get a lot of moodiness shades are there in this demo, we completely starved of their other works. We really want a lot of songs that resulted from this demo, maybe five or seven songs. But for us, 'Hateful Desolation ' was successfully create all the nuances of moodiness and sadness that we need when hearing the atmospheric black metal.

Twenty four minutes, full of psychological that deep, hate, beauty and sadness.  'Withering In Dust ' is indeed for that. The first song entitled ' Your Memory Will Never Fade ' is coming, immediately make the brain be gloomy and opened all the imagination and the contemplation of the soul. This is magnificent and very scrumptious because absolutely create an atmosphere of moodiness which increasingly dark to felt. The darkness and beauty of the atmospheric black metal's composition is not up there, the cohesion to play a beautiful acoustic riffs and melodies that grim and cold, Increasingly creating an atmosphere of silence in the song. And this is so obvious when the instrumental version of this song was sung.   Similarly, when we heard the framework of atmospheric really disclosed in the second track entitled ' Whitering Away In Solitude '.   Had a madness in creating a harmonious rhythm that is unforgettable, and truly create the threat of grim in every tempo and rhythm, completely we get in this demo. Cool and insatiable. 

This is the first release from Italian/Egyptian band. They have the great taste in the composition that frightening, and concocted the contemplation of atmospheric black metal's frame. Easy to be heard and we appreciate it. That is the important thing for us, want to hear their songs repeatedly. For us, 'Withering In Dust ' is a set of black scent, grim and dark that cannot be postponed its presence, come up with a way of frightening and haunting the soul, but did not avoid enjoyment from elegance to play all black shades that we needed.

Track List
1.     Your Memory Will Never Fade
2.     Withering Away in Solitude
3.     Your Memory Will Never Fade (Instrumental)

Gray Ravenmoon - Vocals.
Void (Frostagrath / Hecate / Astray) - Music and Lyrics.

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