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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now

'HEAVING EARTH', reveals the first atrocity from their next album , entitled 'Doomed Before Inception '.

We are back wracked by the suffering which cruel at once agonizing. This time, The wound was given by ' Heaving Earth ' who recently published a song called ' Doomed Before Inception ', taken from their upcoming album. Their second full length album has not yet been given a title, and the label ' Lavadome Productions ' plan to release it in the month of January/February 2015.

Harsh lacing through the roughness in applying the brutal composition , full of cruelty in expressing the density of flow technical who really stabbing the suitability through a bane of the old death metal taste. Hit by hard and fast, at once mercilessly in give feel of blasphemy in every tempo or melody being played. Amazed at once hurt deeply, when ' Heaving Earth ' provide scents that painful.

For us, a song called ' Doomed Before Inception ' which you can hear it here, is an inducement as well as the reaction to receive the surliness and fears that culminated, when the scent is poignant, really stung in this song. It causes terror and threaten the interest to keep thinking ahead about the cruelty that increasingly savage again from them. We are waiting for it.

 Tomáš Halama - guitars
Jirka Zajíc - drums
Michal "Žlababa" Štěpánek - vocals
Jaroslav Šantrůček - guitars
Pavel Šatra - bass


Jan Fastner
Horni Vltavice 81
Czech Republic

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