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HECATE - The Order of Black Light (2014) * Review

When hearing a song called ' When Eternity dwell in Frost ', as if the soul wants to taken by the devil, because the call of darkness through the tremolo picking that they did in this song, is so haunting, scary and really gripping the atmosphere into the deep black.   We think, the song is the main song that makes this album so dramatic, full of dark impressions and save a lot of black rituals were chained by the bars of chastity. Rituals to this darkness is presented by a composition for two performers from Egypt named ' Hecate ', on their debut album, entitled ' The Order Of The Black Light ', which was released last November in a Digital format, and we heard the good news, that the label ' Winterwolf Records ' will provide it in Physical format soon.

Tight, firm, fast and very blasphemous, we get from the consistent moans in playing the old school black metal through melancholy atmospheric riffs that revamp of calm conditions become more leaden.   We can feel when acoustic riff on the song ' Mighty Warrior ', resounds.   Not only that, their music character that aggressive and fast, bring the other side to enjoy the dark concept of black metal of them.  The anger that culminated, as well as a deep contemplation really tap the anxiety and inner pain when we heard two songs titled ' The Order of the Black Light ' and ' Infernal War '. Until now, these songs also does not want to stop threatening the physical when we remember this album. Really impressive. 

Integration and cohesion of the old concept of black metal and atmospheric black metal, we could feel it completely, when heard the next song, entitled ' Nazarean ' and ' Sign of horns '.   Supported by the vocal character of black rough, intense anger and incite the darkness, adding to the sense of horror to hear these two songs .   Not to mention, the humming of the darkness through the beats of blasphemy, like opening a chain of sanctity that full with devilish.   Two songs that really dismantle the old book of black metal.

Besides courage and ruthless in concocted the tempo or beats in each song, they also give a deep contemplation of death, if we hear some compositions of atmospheric black metal which they apply. Somber, full of grief and very wistful.   That feeling, we are not realized it appears when we begin and end the album with the instrumental titled ' At the Borders of Infinity ' and ' Downfall '. So attract the attention when only heard these instrumental.

For us, ' The Order Of The Black Light ', not only emit the light from the walls that full of gloom, but it also gave a thump of the wrath that monstrous, and absolutely cannot be denied, when we want to wade through the depths of the black alley through a blasphemous exclamation to tempt this inner in hearing the horrors of the black humming that they provide.

 Track List
1.     At the Borders of Infinity
2.     When Eternity Dwells in Frost
3.     Mighty Warrior
4.     The Order of the Black Light
5.     Infernal War
6.     Nazarean 
7.     Signs of Horn
8.     Downfall

Zander Adam - Vocals.
Lord Mist (Frostagrath/Hateful Desolation/Astray) - All Instruments.

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