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HUMILIATION - Battalion (2014) * Review

The drums of war titled ' The Malayan Emergency ' resonate, when starting the introduction of the album entitled ' Battalion ', we got from ' Humiliation '. The feeling of a fury that cruel and rebelled, really we feel, when only hear an intro . This is what we are looking for, because through the intro , we will make it as cladding bullets to enjoy the next ten songs . 'Humiliation ' build a basic of death metal with hitting and tacking old concept.   Boast, memorable and really enjoying the direction of the shots in this album.

The old composition of thrash and death metal which very harmonious are revealed, when we enter the early songs, titled 'Post Aftermath ', 'Liberated Area ' and 'No Land Rights to Speak Of'. Creates the impression to rebel, uncompromising and anger which culminated is an expression that we get from this album. Harmony riffs of the early death metal, really shouted in these songs.   Really impressive.   Easy to get anger rising so more ready in planning an uprising was the result of several songs that we could see such 'The Killing Campaign' , 'Alliance', 'Warpath' and 'Restless Fight'.   But we think, it's hard to put a song become our idol, because all the songs create a deep anger, very catchy though seen only cursory, and be more entertaining if exploring classical rhythms of death metal which they apply in all the songs.

Teasing the head to headbang, and not intentionally seared imagination when hearing the beat of a drum, guitar riffs, as well as a rough growl of vocalist. We are powerless, of course were fascinated, because the band still holds many old grudges which revealed in this album. Songs like 'Overthrow' , 'Undefeated ' or 'Baling Talks' like strike the political chicanery and appears as a dark-faced rebels. This is cool.

'Battalion' is the fifth full length, was released by Deepsend records. Same as their previous album, entitled ' Turbulence from the Deep ', still has a good vision and consistent is the brilliance and excellence of this band.   We admit it. Angry, assertive and rebelled is an expression that we really enjoy in every song on this album. ' Battalion ' for us, is an emanation of the power of old death metal that must be streamed to all corners of resentment and anger that was hampered by the modernization which forgets about the old essence of death metal, and 'Battalion' is the lead spear to touch and stabbed that displeasure. 

Track List:
1.     The Malayan Emergency (Intro)
2.     Post Aftermath
3.     Liberated Area
4.     No Land Rights to Speak Of    
5.     The Killing Campaign    
6.     Overthrow    
7.     Alliance     
8.     War Path    
9.     Undefeated
10.     Baling Talks    
11.     Restless Fight     

BEAR BEE: Vocalist
MUDON: Drummer
AFE: Bassist
ASRAF: Guitarist
MATT: Guitarist
P.O. Box 104
North Quincy, Massachusetts
United States

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