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IN TORMENT - Sphere of Metaphysical Incarnations (2014) * Review

We did not hesitate and very keen to hear this album. Our attention to this album, came when they publish some of the songs on this album, online. ' In Torment' release their third full length album titled ' Sphere of Metaphysical Incarnations ', October ago.  This time, the delights of enjoying the concept of brutal death, it's true, we get in every song on this album. The beauty of the groove and the harmonization of melodies and technical which really braved the anxiety against the concept of brutal which monotony, and it completely perished and cannot be found in this album. It was really cool and we deliberately sit captivated and willing to tie up our hands with the wire rusted, to hear from them who are truly excites all the furor and prepares surliness of all the insurgency.

Their music contains cruel and ruthless riffs, performing with the harmonization of beauty melodic and technical groove, does have a high level of satisfaction. Hear the rhythm that they play, teasing the head to headbang, and tempt this body to move. ' Sphere of Metaphysical Incarnations ' has a dynamicization level that high , varied and has a cruel sound character and blasphemous. The opening song is titled 'The Unnatural Conception', leads to the beat of loud in brain and direct to burn the atmosphere with full of anger and deepen psychiatric, about the predominance of brutal.

Want the technical brutal concept which varied and different, actually began on the second track entitled 'Divine Universal Awareness'.   We really admire this song.   Followed by the songs like 'Into Abyssal Landscapes', 'The Threshold (Transcending the Matter)' and 'Sphere of Metaphysical Incarnations'. By these songs, it is very difficult for us to avoid the other songs, because we feel any attachment to each song on the album, it does deserve that this album has the great taste, capturing the attention and away from boredom.

When wanted to feel a strong slap from the drum beats which blasphemy as well as a combination of melody and technical that balanced, we heard it in songs like 'Far Beyond Mortality ' and ' Mechanisms of Domination '.   Increasingly hear the songs at the end of the album, getting more visible their hubris in flaunted the melody which impressive in the ears, more strongly suggests dynamics of technical surliness , as well as the more beautiful in concocted the concept of brutal harmonic, full of flavor and grooved to angry and rebelled.   The last song titled 'The Extinction Process' and an Instrumental with tittle 'Beholding the Everlasting ', enough to bring our imagination to penetrate the walls of a mirage.

'In Torment' bring the proof of death that must be disclosed and traced.  Brutal technical concept that they bring on the album, titled ' Sphere of Metaphysical Incarnations ' is an affirmation that this concept is not only gripping and cruel, but more than that, they managed to open a discretion to apply of thought and imagination are high, and how create the brutality and barbarity of them, incite ears to hear continuously.   For us, an album released by the Brazilian death metal band is a collection of deep meanings at once magnificent that we heard this year, with grooves without limit ,tracing the dissonance of black holes which brutality and inhumanity in play technical rhythms into catchment for incite the attention and tempted to think of something that has not happened . We have got it, and dare call it with one word, 'Great '.

track list:
 1.     The Unnatural Conception
2.     Divine Universal Awareness 
3.     Into Abyssal Landscapes
4.     The Threshold (Transcending the Matter)
5.     Sphere of Metaphysical Incarnations
6.     Far Beyond Mortality
7.     Mechanisms of Domination
8.     The Extinction Process
9.     Beholding the Everlasting 

Alexandre Graessler :Guitars
Dionatan Britto :Drums
Bruno Foga├ža     : Bass
Alex Zuchi : Vocals
Rafael Giovanoli : Guitars 


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