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'JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN ', Super catchy continues in the next album, as evidenced in two flavors of rot.

We are sure, the enjoyment in hearing the purity of old school death metal, would continue on their next album, entitled ' Mask of the Treacherous '.   Even the more catchy , when we heard two songs titled ' Mask of the Treacherous ' and ' I'll rotten Your Rotten Life ', which recently published. When we heard their first album entitled ' Sulphur Skies ', we hear the concept of more rugged, deeply decayed, and keep perpetuating beats old school death metal.   But this time, besides they still provide sting of decaying through the purity of old school death metal, we are more appropriate interested with the concept that more presentable, smooth and very catchy, compared to previous albums.   We also permeates the existence of balance from the influential concept by the old school swedish death metal and america style.   With increasingly give a melody that reminisce, as well as the hubris of thrash riffs, of course give a lot of stings, when feel of the nuance of these songs.   For us, These are such as a fury that decaying, by all unease of staring at a policy.  

The second full length album entitled ' Mask of the Treacherous ', again released by ' Vic Records', on 23rd February 2015.   For the Art, done by ' Roberto Toderico (Asphyx, Soulburn, Sinister) '. Our satisfaction on the esophagus of death metal , there will be in nine songs that were in the album .We pierced by this dagger and cannot uprooting it out again.

You have to know, that 'Johansson & Speckmann' , is the pure of old school death metal, featuring underground death metal master 'Rogga Johansson' on guitars and bass (PAGANIZER / RIBSPREADER, THE GROTESQUERY) and true extreme metal legend 'Paul Speckmann' on vocals (MASTER, DEATH STRIKE, ABOMINATION) , accompanied by 'Brynjar Helgetun' on drums ( LIKLUKT, THE GROTESQUERY). No doubt, the power of old school death metal is on them.

Track List:
1.     Mask of the Treacherous
2.     Inhuman Lust        
3.     Through the Filth and Riddled Ages        
4.     The Wicked Marches On        
5.     The Bringer of Pain        
6.     I'll End Your Rotten Life 
7.     Within Reach        
8.     Enslaved in Filth        
9.     A Grave for This World

Rogga Johansson  :  Guitars, Bass
Paul Speckmann   :  Vocals
Brynjar Helgetun   :  Drums


P.O. Box 679
3700 AR Zeist, Utrecht
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