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MELKOR - Irrlicht (2014) * Review

Our ears immediately seduced, when hearing a composition of natural sound character that is typical with wistful and beauty of black metal through 'Melkor', in the second full length album entitled ' Irrlicht ', that would proclaimed on 12nd December 2014.  Approximately one hour, we are tapped by austere nuance but graceful by one man from Germany with concocted the atmospheric black metal composition that filled with haunting tones and moody.  Apart from an opening song titled ' Spiegelwand ', is enough to make the atmosphere of dejection, pangs of grief that culminated at the same time.   For us, a magnificent demagoguery of that song, seduce this body to always be adopted by any gloom of the rhythms that published in a vulgar manner in this album.

Deepen the concept that played, is a must for us to enjoy and feel the presence of sadness and gloom, by the magnificent and original concepts through integration of atmospheric black metal riffs. Not to mention the romance of acoustic guitar on songs, like ' Die Welle erneuert sich ', ' Irrlicht (Ferne II)', or 'Welkenden In den Wäldern', increasingly strengthen our hearts to categorize that is the black metal album that gracefully in this year.   Every minute we are tempting to imagine the shadow of natural death , coldness soul, and the incarnation of all sorrow and contemplation. This is absolutely still remembered in the brain and tasted in the body until now .

Not only plays harmonious flow by placing the dominance of slow tempo,  ' Melkor ' also inserts the black melodies in some parts of the rhythm in each song.  Songs like 'Pangaea' , 'Des Berges Schweigen' and  'The Great Defender' , chills when we heard these songs because really touch the soul.   While the ' Opferlamm ', shows the actual atmospheric power, which lies in the softness of the harmonization structure of the beauty of melody and tempo.  

We are very satisfied and it's hard to forget the whole rhythm of the album entitled ' Irrlicht ', because for us, the album was born not only gives the thick darkness, gloom, sadness and moodiness, but appears as the creator of the black illusions that emerged from the right-brain, which difficult removed and kept settles to the spine. It is very tasty, and 'Irrlicht' expresses the authenticity of black metal in depth without hurting the black norms.

Track List:
  1. Spiegelwand
  2. Die Welle erneuert sich
  3. Irrlicht (Ferne II)
  4. Pangaea
  5. In den welkenden Wäldern
  6. Des Berges Schweigen
  7. Opferlamm
  8. The Great Defender

Patrick Baumann : All instruments, Vocals
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