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MISERICORDIA - Throne of Existence (2014) * Review

Their slap still made an impression on this cheek until now, with beats of drums that incite anger, as well as the black metal riffs are blasphemy, cruel and firm, making this album very easily to expressed through the basic framework of the darkness imagination and stabbing the esophagus.  Not only that, harmony in plays the dismal melodies that evoke the desire to enter a nightmare, no doubt, because we are really exploring the depths of moodiness and gloom that they create in the second full length album entitled ' Throne of Existence ', released on September ago by the label ' Deepsend Records '.   All darkness, cruelty and a flash of gripping, we get from Sweden, where ' Misericordia ' create a ruthless masterpiece but easy penetrated and remembered, because it keeps the riffs that are producing all the moodiness which we needed if hearing this genre. Perform consistent, tidy and gives an intense temptation to us to hear this album always.

Their scream and growl at each song, creates a force of darkness which is difficult to be eliminated and incite the ears to hear it repeatedly. Beats of the drum is fast, uncompromising and very blasphemous, make the feel of tenebrous and bring the dark imagination in mind. While the arrogance of melody and guitar riffs that are dark and cruel, inadvertently creating the blaze and desire to reflect on and appreciate the friction all the inner darkness.

The opening songs such as ' Throne of Existence ' and ' The Art of Perfection ' is enough to open all the darkness and moodiness that generates from this album.   Of course, with brutality and cruelty in concocted the concept of dynamic black metal as well as full of blasphemies. But when heard ' Bleak ', ' Salvation ' and ' For our Father ', a deep meaning against grandeur about the contemplation of darkness, really we got from those songs.  Vulgar and mercilessly.  'Misericordia ' tend to make the concept of primitive black with many incorporate brutal elements into each tempo and flow of the music that they create, those songs provide evidence of this clarity.

They also not escaped play the black metal by integrating of atmospheric riffs become more wistful yet deeply touching the soul.  Bind them with a skeleton of deep acoustic and full of contemplation is another satisfaction that we get on this album. An instrumentation , titled 'In Ater Interlude' prove it .   Increasingly hear the end of album with songs like 'Abandoned / Unhallowed', 'The Righteous Order' ,'Blind by Belief', and 'Followers', clearly feel the black power of this album.   Fear , moodiness and full of gloom, very easy to remember it in this brain .  Appear particularly harsh and cruel in concocting every song from the beginning until the end of this album is our great satisfaction and the excellence enjoys the concept of music which full of deep black scent and magnificent .

For us, an album entitled ' Throne of Existence ' is the memorable darkness and must be felt its presence.   Remembering every nuance of the dark and cruel that resulting in each song, engaging the mind and soul to did not want far away from the darkness that is completely anesthetizing and grasped all thinking and imagination to death and bring the wrath to hell. 

Track list:
1.     Throne of Existence
2.     The Art of Perfection
3.     Bleak
4.     The Salvation 
5.     For Our Father
6.     In Ater Interlude
7.     Abandoned / Unhallowed
8.     The Righteous Order
9.     Blind by Belief    

Deobrigula - Vocals, Guitar
Kail - Guitar
Endymion - Drums

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