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MURTAD - Born To Blood (Promo Song 2014) * Review

Ruthless, Fastened by iniquity, and the incarnations of savagery in concocting the raucous of brutal death that painful, certainly scratch the itchiness of these ears . A song that we get through a Brutal Death metal band from Indonesia 'Murtad ' , entitled ' Born To Blood ' that was recently published. A song as well as the promo 2014 which will appears on their debut album entitled ' Extirpate The Remaining Breath ', will be released by the label ' Necrology Records ' as soon as early next year.

Fast in inciting the inhumanity is the groans of torment that we can feel when hearing the resentment that peaked and without end, through the intimidation of deep guttural and grunt, who spew the suffering that should be imposed. Mercilessly, injured this body with brutal death metal riffs that are cruel, and full of violent to hurt someone. Not to mention, the skeleton the blast of drum that biting, slicing and blaspheme the condition for torture, really is not isolated by the savagery in concocted a pain that thorough in every tempo that they play.

And for us, a song called ' Born To Blood ', instead of just expressing the meaning of murder, but as something that comes from the moans of instinct to torment the inner without thinking of the order of inhumanity in providing firmness and pressure to kill. And this song, has revealed an epidemic of the other songs in their albums to the fore, and indeed it should be revealed despite this torture should be spread out. 

Pungky Heriansyah : Vocals
Andri Soebangsa : Guitars
Katon Gilang Ramadhan : Drums

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