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OBDUKTION - Mors Janua Vitae (Ep 2014) * Review

We have no doubt heard it repeatedly, even though, it consisted of just two songs. An EP entitled ' Mors Janua Vitae ' of 'Obduktion', rather than just give a classic clash of early death metal, but these two tracks, were created catchy for entertaining, headbang and full authenticity of death metal that does not disappear, when we heard each tempo and every rhythm of their musical grooves. ' Mors Janua Vitae ', comes to bring the old death metal face that the first ever made, and now back born, to scratch itchiness in these ears through a stab-puncture that stimulating by their brightness in dismantling the old death metal's rhythm, this is really impressive and sorely missed.

Harmonious, tight and firm, as well as having the stability of tempo, surely we get if heard the concept of old death metal, including this EP.   'Obduktion' from Greece, also enclose moans of melodies that really creates a lot of nuances when hearing it. Highly integrated and harmonic. The first song entitled ' King of Terrors ', answer all our attractiveness to hear the concept of the old death metal they play, the song is more dynamic than the second track later. This song also give an epiphany to us that have long not listen to the crotch of death metal like this . The second track entitled ' Lordship of Superior ', more powerful in bringing the sense of old death metal.   Ruthless, aggressive, stinging the smell of blood and really nailing a sense of classic. 

With a duration of six minutes , and with just two songs, the album titled ' Mors Janua Vitae ', have managed to bring us to death metal era in 90s.   Hubris and harmony of the classic death metal still preserved, without changing the tempo, rhythm and the principles of true death metal.   Cool and always want to reminisce.

For us, ' Mors Janua Vitae ' makes it easy for the mind to imagine about something painful. Conveniently and full of pride, ' Mors Janua Vitae ' whipping this body, not the pain that we are getting, but has taste to hooked that stimulate the brain to hear and waiting for the other great works who entertains and reminisce of them This is really a momentum and contains full of their maturity. The album was released on October 15th in digital format on all digital music platforms, and on december 15th, ready provide in a vinyl 7' limited edition.

Track List:
1. King of Terrors
2. Lordship of Superior

Takis V.O.T - Vocals
Obduktor - Guitar
Kostas - Bass
Giannis: Drums

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