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PARASITIC EXTIRPATION - Putrid Crown (EP - 2014) * Review

Every minute, we feel the presence of the abominations are stabbing this chest with a spear which is bloody and purulent.   Stabbing very deep and difficult to revoked.  Resisting, screaming and shouting, when we feel of pain. The brutality becomes increasingly savage, reaching for an enjoyment when heard a touch of brutal technical by Parasitic Extirpation , on the EP titled ' Putrid Crown '. Besides we are satisfied, because their music really brings a long pain, we were also amazed by the stunning melodies and exquisite applied in this EP.  We are satisfied, amazed and really keep this pain every second.

Powerless receive the sense of iniquitous from this album, starts when getting the variation of tempo that blaspheme, a devilish melody and brutal dissonance that haunting the presence of technical harmonization, ' Putrid Crown ' and ' Spiralling ' not only provides it, but surprise us about the initial pain of this album. 

Keep savagery and more elegant apply melodies which increasingly more vicious but graceful, when found a balance of density applying brutal technical on songs called ' Visions of Megalomanic Grandoise Design ' and ' Vertical Human Splicing '.   Not only that, ' Buried Dreams (Carcass cover) ' and an instrumental at the end of this album titled ' Designing Ruination', proving that we are fascinated, when heard this album, because we get the feel of a stately and elegant at the end of the album, after sick and full of malice at the beginning of the album. Cool.

For us, ' Putrid Crown ', promising nuance of torture and murder, and it is easy for us to imagine this album with a young man holding an axe, knife and a pistol, shooting his victim's chest with a pistol. Until the end of his Victim's breath, mercilessly, then he starts slicing the victim's skin with a knife and in the end torture, with cut off the victim's head. It's dramatic, similarly when we heard composition of brutal technical by them in this album. We are remain holding this CD and do not want releasing it, until the top of the end of torture by them. 

Track List:
1.     Putrid Crown
2.     Spiraling    
3.     Megalomanic Visions of Grandoise Design
4.     Vertical Human Splicing    
5.     Buried Dreams (Carcass cover)
6.     Designing Ruination 

Mallika Sundaramurthy - Vocals
Blue Spinazola - Guitar
Chris Kessaris - Guitar
Jim Fitzpatrick - Drums
Damon Psarris - Bass

350 Windsor Road
Rochester, New York
United States
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