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POST MORTAL POSSESSION - Possessing Entity (EP 2014) * Review

We are purposely binding this body in the chair, so can feel the whole of dynamics in summarizing the concept of death metal that catchy in every song of them. Of course, not bored hear it repeatedly, when heard the beats of the dynamic tempo, grooved, and many apply rhythm for headbang. This tasty package, coming from ' Pennsylvania, USA ', where ' Post Mortal Possession ' published their first EP entitled ' Possessing Entity '.   These ears tempted instantly, heard some of drum beats that are a little rare we hear. Assertive, blaspheming, biting, brutal, grooved and bring the disharmony beats became more elegant, uncluttered and very delicious in the ears.  We highly appreciate the important role of the drummer, in bringing the tempo for blasphemy and tempting these ears to hear always a song repeatedly. But from the other hand, the composition of the technical, melodic, thrash of guitar riffs, tease the cheek to smiled, because it's so catchy, entertaining and simultaneously sting the shades of suffering and atrocities which fettered, so harmonious with the drum beats that craze and explosiveness, for us its more than just impressive.

'Possessing Entity' really reveals a deep excitement to enjoy the death metal.   The collision of a little of old death metal in some parts of the composition of guitar riffs, seem hard to close the eyes for a moment, because did not want to miss even per second, for the riffs that are played. It was really great. Smelled the suffering introduces this EP through title' The Harvest '.  Harmonic and full of consequences in plays death metal that balance, grooved, and expresses the old taste of death metal composition, really easy to perceived and explored.   The consistency as well as intense in blends the composition, not only we found on a song but all the songs on this EP. But ' The harvest ' is phenomenal and it's worth as the opening song on this album.

Very regretfully, if we take off that bond, when just hearing ' The Harvest ' only. The following songs are also very impressive, more stimulate the ears to keep entertained by the riddance in playing death metal harmonization. ' Suspended by Nails ' and the last song titled ' Visceral Butchery ', actually spew out all our interests on this album.  Two of our most admired songs from this album, very catchy and very blasphemous, we love it.   But when wanted to feel and absorb the brilliance in blending the old death metal concept, clearly, we could enjoy it on a song called ' Death March '. Whereas to enjoy the harmony of a death metal with many inserts the element of technical and melodic as vulgar, we feel on a song called ' The Arrival '.   A grandeur enjoys death metal, really we get from this track.  Very impressive.

There is no rhythm that we missed slightest, we never miss it.  Keep binding this body, although this head cannot remain silent, tempted to headbang in enjoying their cleverness in concocted the concept that is easy to enjoyed, and comfortable in ears, if it be heard repeatedly.   And we admire this band, although we hear that this newly formed bands, but they could provide the great taste on their album. And EP titled ' Possessing Entity ', did show delights in proclaiming an anger that is summarized in the concept of the death metal, catchy and very entertaining.  For us 'Possessing Entity ' is the grandeur which the form of pleasure that peaked, and was very satisfied because it contains a myriad harmonization that makes these ears be tempted to heed all the unbridled torment by the intention of demise. 

Track List
1.     The Harvest
2.     Suspended by Nails
3.     Death March
4.     The Arrival
5.     Visceral Butchery 

Jake McMullen: Guitars
Eddie Gremba: Vocals
Brian Cremeens: Guitars
Nick Bentzel:Drums
Tim Church: Bass

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