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PROFANITY, gives a song taken from their EP entitled ' Hatred Hell within '.

Great news and a surprise for us, because proud to be able to find again for the old grudges that ever touched the depths of contemplation of the soul which has been chained by malice. Thumps are blasphemous at once touching the soul and relived in this thought, coming from ' Profanity' , after the last reveal a single titled ' Humade Me Flesh ', 12 years ago.   Now, they are present with still provide the madness to shredding the ungodliness in play charm of brutal death which filled with technical and progressive harmony.  Of course, the opportunity to hear the drone of resentment that peaked at once fascinated in thought and inner, indeed we really want.  Satisfied, full of delight and proudly, the band could back to give endless intimidation in the ears

An EP released tomorrow, December 19, 2014, ready proclaimed by the label ' Rising Nemesis Records ' and released in a physical format and Digital.   Titled ' Hatred Hell Within ', contains three songs in the duration of 20 minutes, Recorded between 2013 and 2014 in Living Monstrosity-and Hell's Kitchens ´ Studios in Germany.   Meanwhile, Mixed and mastered by Christoph Brandes at the Iguana Studios and Cover artwork by Federico Musetti.   A song has been published, entitled ' Melting ', you can hear it here, or directly to Rising Nemesis Records ' Official Bandcamp.

These ears are so yearned their concept this time, and a song called ' Melting ', surprising, because appears with give the elegance in concocted the solid concept that blends the old and new sense of harmony death metal that they play . We could still hear their recognition in slashing the savagery of brutal technical, but we thought, now is much more catchy and light but keeps sting a sense of glory. Early death metal in some of the tempo, increasingly strengthen the original groove of their that more dynamic, blaspheme and spread a lot of nuances when hearing it repeatedly. 

For us, ' Melting ' is the accent of death metal that sniffs out all the arouse interest of all incitement through the vastness of play and interpret the technical and progressive that supreme and luxury. And we assume that ' Hatred Hell within ' is a ruthless personality that cannot be ignored and must be look out for, because it will give the abomination that is hard to forget and will always be stabbing the esophagus

Track List:
1. Melting
2. I Am Your Soul (You Made Me Flesh)
3. Hatred Hell Within

Thomas Sartor - vocals and guitars
Daniel Unzner- bass
Armin Hassmann - drums

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