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SAILLE - Eldritch (2014) * Review

Want to get back or missed the gripping atmosphere from the black metal album , we get again, and this time, not just the haunting nuances that we found in every song, we also get a feel for the power of epic which easily with melodies that touched the brain and soul.  The structure and groove that inciting the brain to think of the wrath symphony is very easy to expressed and leave a trace of deep black. This is all we get from ' Saille ', through their third full length album entitled 'Eldritch', proclaimed by 'Code666 Records ' recently.

First time, our ears and brain focuses on a keyboard instrument which envelops and embrace all black riffs, played on every track, through a humming of fear without limits that make every song on this album is truly creepy and full expression of blackish.   55 minutes, actually accompanied with gloom. But the most important for us was all the pride and assertiveness played rhythm can that eases these ears to hear this black symphony , it has the nature of darkness broadly as it is dynamic, and the album was creating fear that peaked when heard repeatedly. And we think, besides memorable, this is magnificent in our ears. 

Just look how beautiful of melodic riffs that are played, this is truly we are looking for, because without these melodies, their music would be ordinary. ' Emerald ', ' Walpurgis ' and ' The Great Goat pain ' are the songs that opening album that throws the boredom, and remained not to turn to another album since songs are very instigating the ears and brains to hear and reflect on the darkness on the next songs.   Songs like, 'Aklo' ,'Cold War' and 'Red Death', clarify that epic and symphony of Black metal, really strong on this album. Increasingly in feel the sense of darkness and gloom in this album, when we heard the last songs such as 'Eater of Worlds' , 'Dagon' and 'Carcosa', increasingly also clear the existence of clarity epic that really powerful and connected among songs. These songs are proving it.

'Saille' is derived from Belgium, and we regret it because new to knowing this band.  They have ' Eldritch ' that we think have the great taste and we selected this album as a friend towards to all our darkness civilization and fear . This is very clear, as really promising it all.   For the Black metal enthusiast with shades of darkness and gloom indefinitely like us, it is obligatory to have it.  'Eldritch', for us, is an idea and view against the soul which gloomy that really we need, to keep searching the depths of darkness, and we do not want to depart from that, always continues to embrace and approaching that fear. 

Track List:
 1.     Emerald
2.     Walpurgis
3.     The Great God Pan    
4.     Aklo
5.     Cold War    
6.     Eater of Worlds
7.     Red Death
8.     Dagon
9.     Carcosa 

Vocals - Dennie Grondelaers
Guitars - Reinier Schenk
Guitars - Jonathan Vanderwal
Keys - Dries Gaerdelen
Drums - Kevin De Leener
Bass - Kristof Van Iseghem



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