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TRUTH BE KNOWN - By Any Means Necessary (2014) * Review

Get ready to plan a revolt because was upset against the Government and the Putridity of politicians is an expression that really revealed, when these ears are corked by the bullets of their unease, through the bang of death grind that tastes delicious, from the outer side of the album entitled ' By Any Means Necessary ', in the second full length Album of ' Truth Be Known ', from Singapore. But wait, after exploring the rhythm and tempo of each song played on this album, we do not think that there are many other surprises at the end of the album. The songs were titled 'Open Up Your Mind', 'Ode to Maling' dan 'Throwback' was a surprise what we mean.  We have conclution that the concept of the music they play is an exploration of the dynamic of the grind, rough but very harmonious, entertaining and had a lot of flavor to get not bored.   The concept of the old grind death's rawness that consists of crunch of the death-thrash rhythms, heavy metal melodic tunes are catchy, a true clamor of grindcore and the most kicking was the pride of those who still nailing the raw character of the freedom which playing the old concept of grind.

The powerful concept of death grind that really anesthetized this mouth and unintentional make the grip in both hands, it is true. Many found of the opening songs entitled ' No Longer an Excuse ' and ' A Song for the Masses '.   Consists of a rugged growl, incite to rebel are the main ones for us to continue to enjoy a very entertaining concept in this album.  They also have the dynamics in applying the noisy grind with mashing strongly between the outrage of thrash riffs and the chain of death metal.  'Ambiguous Truth', 'Life Kills You', 'Misguidance', 'Clusterphobia' and 'I am Done', letting it happens.   Fierce, killed and blasphemous the personality, really we exploration of these songs.

'Disarming All Reason' , 'Straight Jacketed and Fucked' and 'My Dog's Asshole' are the most ruthless songs in this album, simple yet very slapping.  These songs also have a harmonious groove level and the most incite the anger from this album. We are not satisfied if not heard these songs, because the concept of strong noise from the purity of the old death grind, really spurred the adrenaline to do the mischief.

For us, ' By Any Means Necessary ', it consists of many delicious rhythms and entertain.   Of course, besides to the concept of death grind that promises an anger and rebellion. The album is also excellent for entertaining us, bring a lot of riffs that surprise us which earlier never guess if heard the concept of death grind. The dynamic is certain, but the music that they make on this album is more than just noisy, but it is the pugnacity of exploration without limit to the music that really promising interest in hearing it repeatedly. And we have been preparing ourselves to plan a rebellion of this night. Cool and never forgotten. 

Track List:
1.     No Longer an Excuse 
2.     Ambiguous Truth 
3.     A Song for the Masses
4.     Life Kills You
5.     Misguidance 
6.     Clusterphobia 
7.     I Am Done 
8.     Timojin 
9.     Disarming All Reason
10.     Straight Jacketed and Fucked
11.     My Dog's Asshole
12.     Open Up Your Mind
13.     Ode to Maling
14.     Throwback 

Vocals: Subash
Bass: Joshua
Guitars: Damien
Guitars: Selvam
Drums: Gene

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