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ARBOR MORTIS - Prophet (2015) * Review

''We have not been able to get a nightmare, before hearing the albums of them, and the fear doesn't stop, until we stop hearing this album.''

We do not hesitate to hear their musicality since the publication of ' Embla '. Their music is very deep, dark and black imagination flow, scary side of tempo settings, as well as threatening when feeling disgrace from shackles black nuances of universe and full of cogitation. The second full length album,entitled 'Prophet' from ' Arbor Mortis ' also remains consistently apply it. We have not been able to get a nightmare, before hearing the albums of them, and the fear doesn't stop, until we stop hearing this album.

The gripping atmosphere were presented from the keyboard so touching the black imagination about death, darkness and the contemplation of nature. Beautifully played at once scaring, making every song on this album is so very terrible, full of wistful flavor at once gloomy in every second. With a sound that is rude , deep screaming, monotony tremolo picking , as well as wistful acoustic , make any song of them are very solid stinging disquiet soul . 

Especially, it opened through ' The Black Light of the Sun ' and ' Jeg Har Ikke Død Til ', which really made us think about the old sins through the elegance of the form by applying the sound of rain and beautiful acoustic instrumental. ' Spoken Word ' , more offers the lasting impression of a dark, struggling because angry and full of hateful with aggressively and fast riffs. While the two songs that became our favorite entitled ' Ov Forgotten Times ' and ' In the Eyes of a Broken Man ', appeared admirable because it is very harmonious in playing the emotions of the soul and the grim perception.

The Grief, occurs at the beginning part of the song called ' Asylum ', the song that we think are the most spreading song a sense musing which high and deep, it really looks from composition and tempo are played, at once from the sound of keyboard which oblivious shows it. Blasphemous and highly provocative to occur in the last two songs, titled ' Ego Sum Deus ' and ' Vakhanalia '. Through lacing of death, black, and melodies riff , increasingly tempting different taste when enjoying this album.

For us, a touch of atmospheric black metal that they played, really left a lasting impression. Able to provide a lot of flavor in the proportion of dark, brooding, wistful and angry, which applied in each song. No doubt for us hear the two albums that they released, because their music is totally consistent and intense at the same time touching the soul, that is what we expect from this kind of music.

Track List:
1.     The Black Light of the Sun         
2.     Til Jeg Ikke Har Død         
3.     Ov Forgotten Times         
4.     Spoken Word         
5.     In the Eyes of a Broken Man         
6.     Asylum         
7.     Ego Sum Deus         
8.     Vakhanalia         
9.     Somewhere in Hell

 Otto Heinz von Rommel- Vocals
Sona Grishnackh von Rommel-Keys and Female vocals
Arthur Satan Poghosyan-Drums
Servo Di Dio Taloyan- Guitar
Karlos Azazel Hakobyan- Guitar

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