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'BLEEDING GODS', finally reveals the first taste of the album ' Shepherd Of Souls '

Death metal from Netherlands, 'Bleeding Gods', through an official lyric video published recently, same with the title of album, ' Shepherd Of Souls', is a song which we were expect presented in this month, after they publish a teaser of the album in November last year.

The first touch and memorable for us. Very Catchy and entertaining, of course. The proportion of European Old school death and thrash metal, and grooves that stand out, solid and collaborate completely, and tempting to headbanging. Not to mention ,the theme of lyrics are profound and smart, that recount the ancient civilization and war, increasingly make the excitement and emotionally, because curious to hear the album in full. The combination of thrash and death metal riffs are simple, Stinging outrage and the power of sentiment, that cannot escape from incitement to revolt and invoke a ruin. A song called ' Shepherd Of Souls ', Not just give it all, but appears as a bringer of joy and lust to stimulate the ears to the sound that captivated.

The album will be released by ' Punishment 18 Records ' on 23rd February 2015, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio, Germany.   Cover artwork by Marco Hasmann. ' Bleeding Gods', until now composed of Mark Huisman-Vocals, Ramon Ploeg-Guitar (Houwitser), Erwin Harreman (Supreme Pain)-Guitar, Gea Mulder (Deadcell)-Bass, Edwin van den Eeden (ex. Sinister)-Drums.

Track List:
1. Abyss of the World
2. Into the Depth of Misery
3. Shepherd of Souls
4. Rise from Ashes
5. Ixmucané (I)
6. The Lords of Xibalbá (II)
7. Glorious Relentless Destiny
8. Empire of the Immortals
9. Human Weakness
10. Symbolic Sculptures

Mark Huisman-Vocals
Ramon Ploeg -Guitar 
 Erwin Harreman -Guitar, 
Gea Mulder -Bass
 Edwin van den Eeden -Drums

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