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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now

'DEHYDRATED ', the new single ' Scar Inside ', terrific, mesmerizing and there is no time to hold back anger.

This latest single we got from a friend from New York, US, which sends us an email about a song which according to him, very fresh in the brain. He also said, that this band plays a bang of progressive arch, groovy and very catchy when it merged with brutal dissonance. Frankly, now we are interested in enjoying the progressive concept, and became curious, when a brutal composition juxtaposed with progressive though not dense, and instantly hear a song called ' Scar Inside' from the Band that originated in Russia, and we recently found out. They are 'Dehydrated'.

We have to admit that the thought of our friend is right. We also have no doubt that ' Dehydrated ' have their own character in a concocted the composition of death metal. We hear the true death metal compositions in their music that did not stop stinging emotions and irate, in every part of the beats, especially with the appearance of the vocals which are controlling the Cookie Monster, like rude growl, deep grunts, crude, and guttural. With this, has explained that the song is indeed stinging expression of cruel , iniquitous , incite and highly provocative. Not to mention, bass shredding that divide the tempo and the beats of drums that eccentric, Increasingly create elegance of death metal that varies . While the appearance of guitar riffs are catchy with wrapped of brutal elements, technical , grooved, beautifully melodic and very dynamic, more emitting unification of old and new death metal riffs, making these ears are willing to constantly accompanied with this loud of anger. 

In general is complete when feel the extreme elements that true resulting from this song . Not ignore that this song is very entertaining, it's easy to imagine the wrath and we are looking forward to their full length album. 

'Scar Inside' for us, is more than impressive words, we think its terrific, where we could feel the presence of the dynamic musicality of the personnel, besides providing the articulation of the death metal composition that varied, original and poking a sense of extreme. It also makes it easier for the brain to remember all the deep wounds that had once tortured by anxiety. And with the face flushed, rebelled, and stared at the inhumanity, 'Scar Inside ', raising back our old grudges and wounds that had once been held by error of emotion. And finally, we found the right emotions from this song.

Ira - vox
Evgen - guitars
Vlad - drums
Evgenii - bass
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