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'HUMAN DESTROYER' Back For Blood (pt 1), publish new songs.

Twelve years since the release of ' Burningtime ', 'Human Destroyer' come back to redden the face with the hum of assertiveness, aggressive and not think of the trend. Early death metal composition, no doubt, completely rend and bleed, when we heard the new songs, which was recently published.

Formed in Augsburg, Germany in 1999. 'Human Destroyer', which consists of ' Hilde Ihm/Bass, Lemmy/guitars, Steffan Mattler/Vocals, Andreas Keim/drums ', transformed into a band that respected there.   In addition brings a sense of the original death metal, they also have a strong vision through the lyrics of blasphemy, and provocative.   Currently, the band is busy in preparing the second full length album. With the influx of ' Peter ' as a second guitarist, 'Human Destroyer' is ready to shredding your ears with the norm of pure death metal.

The songs are titled ' Bloody Dreams ', ' Human disaster ', ' Swastikas (stupid Shaved head) and ' Misanthropist ' are the framework of death metal which defines the composition of excessive rawness, the proportion of brutalities, as well as the pride emanation of anger and oppose. These ears are completely clogged by something piercing, entangled and hurt deeply. With the huge indignation and longing for the early death metal, we will continue to look forward to the development of their recordings, and are ready to disseminating this wound to you.

Hilde Ihm :Bass (1999-present)
Pete "Lemmy" Wall     :Guitars (1999-present)
Stefan Mattler     :Vocals (lead) (1999-present)
Andreas "Andy" Keim :Drums (2002-present)
Peter : Guitars (2013-present)

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