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'MASTICATION OF BRUTALITY UNCONTROLLED', new song and teaser of the debut album.

Enjoyment that culminated, heard the beauty of brutal death metal is in here . A band from Germany, 'Mastication Of Brutality Uncontrolled ', ready to proclaimed of their debut album entitled ' Preemptive Space Warfare ' , which will be released by 'Rotten Roll Rex ' soon .

'Infrastructure Destruction' was the first brutality , since they published a demo , entitled 'The Equity', two years ago.  We thought after we heard this song, that the composition of the brutal death that they control is very neat and clean. Very elegant by placing some parts of slam that sudden be enjoyable and easy to incite the imagination to torment.   Not to mention, a little technical riffs, which prove that this song is fantastic favors, at once sick and kill.   We did not find dissonance in their music, everything is arranged very neatly, comfortably in the ears, and really get satisfaction in the brain, even the soul. We cannot express how favors of their music , unbridled , because very amazed. Too stupid for us to avoid or unconcerned towards music that we deem are very sweet and exceptional. 

We do not yet know the release date and number of songs in this album, however the album cover has been published on the creations of the 'Daemorph Evil Art ', and the band has recently also released a teaser of the album. We are increasingly captivated when hear it. We are looking forward to this album, and we will be waiting to the latest news from the band. In this writing, we have also enclose a demo of them.

 Manuel - Vocals
Bastian - Bass
Flo - Guitars/Vocals
Basti - Drums

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