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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now

'NECROCOSM', a powerful contemplation of a beautiful death, touched on new song 'Octopian Eclipse'.

When hearing a touch of melodic death, we must think of a magnificent and beautiful concept. Great taste and of course, very relived in the brain.   This opportunity, we get from North Carolina, US, where ' Necrocosm ' has just released a new song titled 'Octopian Eclipse ', which also will be published in their debut album entitled ' Damnation Doctrine ', released this year. 'Damnation Doctrine ', was recorded , mastered, mixed by 'Jamie King' at 'The Basement Recording Studio'. Artwork by Errol, logos and logo/art integration by ModBlackMoon.

Satisfaction as well as amazement, when getting the complete package in the magnificent composition in expressing of the beauty humming in melodic and technical, really tied in the darkness of the ruthless nuances, scary, touching the soul and charming with a densely melodic concept, by sound reflections from the death of the dark, Dim and black. Heard 'Octopian Eclipse', such as opening the gate from another dimension, and is ready to give this soul to the ruler's screams at there.

The arrival of the debut album entitled ' Damnation Doctrine ', really we hope it's coming this year, besides providing a powerful contemplation of a magnificent touch of melodic death metal, we also admire the structure of the tempo, because it is very dense, blasphemous, provocative and very close to the black norm.

Zach Senicola - Vocals
Kevin Spivey - Guitar
Brent Overton - Guitar
Matt Brocking - Bass
Adam Walker - Drums

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