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SOUL RAPE - Endless Reign (2015) * Review

'' 'Endless Reign' not only gives the impression that their album is special, but more than that, their music is really for the soul.''

If supposing 'Punishment 18 Records' do not released their album , perhaps we will never know with high quality music of them. We were surprised to hear how very wondrous the progressive compositions which applied in every song on their first album entitled ' Endless Reign '.   First heard this album, we have been fascinated, how neatly, they combine riffs of death, melodic , thrash, and traditional heavy metal, into one powerful entity of progressive death metal composition that really gives a depth humming of contemplation and illusion of the soul that rebels . Although A minute , we do not want to miss the variety of music that is given.  Even for one second, we do not want to miss the rhythms that they provide. 'Soul Rape ', a band from Italy, have the great taste in every of their songs in this album, magnificent and very elegant. The label is ready to release an album on the 25th January 2015. Make sure you check it out.

We rarely hear a concept of progressive that alluring in the brain as well as recall, but when we heard the concept had given by ' Soul Rape ', we were impressed because they give a simple composition, very easy to understand in the brain, touching the soul and unforgettable. The opening of the album , entitled 'Endless Reign' was riveting, opened with a cool acoustic, and give the impression of a classic. Then, they provide beats that varied, yet simple and solid , really impressed in these ears which are  easy to imagine in the brain, about God.

We thought, the power of progressive death metal of them, lies on the density and balance of melodies and touches of traditional heavy metal that very memorable in these ears. We love the kind of progressive music that they play, really remembered always in the brain, accompanies the grief, soothing the situation, but their music also gives the shock of anger, rebelled and full of grim, which is very easy to find in some parts in each song. Songs like ' Illusion & Sufference ', ' Soul Rape' and 'With My Fingers I've Touched Death ' , give it all.

The band also includes ' Jeff Loomis ' at the solo part on a song called ' Like the Serpent's Tongue ' , and Jeff also very integrate with the character of their beats. ' Soul Rape ' have a myriad memorable melodies and catchy, but unique in concocted the progressive concept. ' Saudade de Morte ' is one song on this album that seizing our attention, besides having a strong of melodic composition, the song was also astound, when hearing the psychedelic elements of early and late part . Full of emotion and have rebelled, we feel when hearing the last two songs on the album is titled ' Gargoyles ' and ' Primordial Paradox ', but cannot escape with elegance and pride provide the melodies that become a beautiful panorama in those songs. Thank you for' Soul Rape ' who had done that.

The album entitled ' Endless Reign ' too magnificent for us, elegant and smart. Frankly, we rarely hear the progressive concept likes this. All music styles such as Death metal, Thrash metal, melodic death metal, old Heavy metal, really balanced, solid and simple in these ears. Simple does not mean they do not have the expertise to encapsulate a difficult music, but simple means entertaining, catchy in these ears, and recall in the brain. ' Endless Reign ' not only gives the impression that their album is special, but more than that, their music is really for the soul.

Track List:
 1.     Endless Reign
2.     Like the Serpent's Tongue
3.     Illusion & Sufference
4.     Soul Rape
5.     Saudade de Morte
6.     With My Fingers I've Touched Death
7.     Gargoyles
8.     Primordial Paradox 

Larry: Lead Guitar & Vocals
Guglio: Bass
Tambo: Lead Guitar
Peter: Drums

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