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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now

'WEAK ASIDE', records of war unfold, new ones will come in March 2015.

Five years already, we are waiting for this turmoil, since the album ' Ghostleader '. And today, the tension was stopped instantly, when heard the news that the ' FDA Rekotz ' ready to hoist the second full length album from ' Weak Aside ' titled ' The Next Offensive' on March 20, 2015, in the format of a CD, LP and Digital.   For this album Art, designed by "Necromaniac" Thomas Westphal.'

Something pure, not trends, but very touching and alluring in the soul. Concept and Groove music is clear and very neat, let alone supported by catchy melodies and memorable, making these ears unwilling to far away from the rhythm of old school death and thrash metal are solid and sturdy from them.   This new, entitled ' Gods Of Pain ', a much more interesting and really vigor to start fighting, even though there is a change of personnel with the influx of ex-Dew-Scented's personnel at the position of bass (Alex Pahl) and drums (Marc "Mücke" Dieken), their music remains consistent, firm and increasingly volatile.  We attach a taste of the upcoming album here.

Not enough once or ten times heard their albums, always like to hear continued, because it is very easy infused and straightforward incite thought to plan an invasion or rebellion, slowly but devastating. We have also included a video of them entitled ' Collective Failure ' are taken from the previous album ' Ghostleader '.

 ' The Next Offensive ', it is the right moment for us to plan for the return of all the ideas and plans to start the battle, no matter the number of enemy troops.   By hearing this album later, we are sure, we will still be standing on that Hill, and prepare all the energy to come down from the Hill and attack our enemies tomorrow. 

Track List:
1. The Next Offensive
2. Gods Of Pain
3. Siren
4. Alive
5. Storm Of Violence
6. Broken Frontline
7. Death Waits
8. Rapture And Disease
9. Spawn Of Hate
10. The Tank (Intro)
11. Bloodstorm

Tom Zorn (guitar/vocals)
Luke Kerk (lead guitar)
Alex Pahl (bass)
Marc Dieken "Mücke" (drums)

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