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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now

'WOMB OF MAGGOTS', a new song from the upcoming album, bring a new wound.

'The Decay Of Humanity ' is the title of the album, to be released by the ' Womb of Maggots ' after the last time, released an album titled ' Life Odium ' in 2002.   With the addition of new ammunition, such as ' Alexander Zachos (drums) ' and ' Sotiris Pappas (Guitar), along with old members 'Ioannis Frantzis Minardos (Vocals) ' and ' Lefteris Christou (Bass) ', a new age of them, been started.

A new song entitled ' Human Disgrace ' has just been published, and we welcome the change of musicality of them, with satisfaction and pleasure. After long immersed , give a touch of atmospheric death metal. This time, they publish a ferocity of death metal with brought a new wound of European brutal death that catchy and harmonious .

Increasingly deep wounded, in the sense of getting the gratification, when they give a cruel shock through a tight sound, aggressive beats and blasphemous, and teasing the head for headbanging, when they give the proportions at the beginning and in the end of the song, is the first impression when hearing this song. And after that, this face was slapped slowly with a combination of new and old death metal riffs . And now it's time , we received scratches of new wound of them, with open hands to this album.

The album entitled ' Decay Of Humanity ' was recorded and mixed in November last year in Sonic art studio by Stelios Koslidis Stelth (Mass Infection, the Murder Made God, Erectus). Artwork by Giannis Nakos.

Vocals: Ioannis Frantzis Minardos
Guitars: Sotiris Pappas
Bass: Lefteris Christou
Drums: Alexander Zachos

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