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BREATHLESS - Return To Pangea (2015)*Review

''For us, ' Return To Pangea ' is a pleasure to feel the emotions that complete.''

We let this face to beaten at the same time let this body was attacked from behind when feel something which stabbing from the pride of thrash metal elements that they play in this second album. We indeed to experience sporadic bouts of them in implementing integrity of thrash metal that solid and dynamic – on the one hand, burn the skin due to tempted conduct an act to wounded ourselves. Satisfaction and enjoyment which derive from the album ' Return To Pangea ' started when they mercilessly assign an aggression of Thrash metal – not to mention when heard melodies from the traditional heavy metal and speed metal juxtaposed into composition of pure thrash metal that clean and harmonious.

Clean for transition of tempo, dynamic rhythms and intensively when applying a combination of melody and tempo. A touch of aggressive thrash and memorable– indeed easily in every song, especially when hearing a solid composition of them. The opening songs entitled ' Killing-sophy ', ' Atomic Waste ' and ' Introspective Nightmare ' have a balanced proportion between thrash, speed and traditional heavy metal and could clearly feel the essential elements that build up their music. The music that they create also inseparable from the rhythms of melodies unified and impresses in every rhythm that played – heard in vulgar when hear the following songs entitled ' Return To Pangea ', ' Beyond The Ritual ' and ' Masterade '.

All songs from this album appear satisfying and unknowingly already repeat it repeatedly. We Indeed expect to hear the music that has a depth of emotional flow indeed we expect and ' Breathless ' answer it through songs entitled ' Ursula Has a Tank ', ' Breathless ', ' Brooding Wraith ' and ' Spinning Metal '.

We are excited and satisfied could hear the full emotional package from ' Return To Pangea '.  Quiet become aggressive and suddenly attack is an impression from us in feel their musical's nuance. We obtain the peak of enjoyment when heard songs at the last songs of album.   For us, ' Return To Pangea ' is a pleasure to feel the emotions that complete.

 Track List:
01. Tectonic Chant
02. Killing-sophy
03. Atomic Waste
04. Introspective Nightmare
05. Return to Pangea
06. Beyond the Ritual
07. Masterade
08. Ursula has a Tank
09. Breathless
10. Brooding Wraith
11. Spinning Metal

 Edu "Bastard": Guitar/Vocal
Joan Font: Drums
Oscar "Nazareno": Bass

P.O.Box 666
28080 - Madrid
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