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RECUEIL MORBIDE - Morbid Collection (2015) * Review

''Hatred of life and insanity in contemplating of the torture easily realized in the brain- We think it is the one most important release in the beginning of this year.''

This is evidence savagery in playing death metal with wild and blasted-all embodied in the accuracy of the mixing the elements of brutal, gore and black. Do not let your Neighbor's Grandmother knocked on the door of your House because her heart was not able to beat rapidly when heard ' Morbid Collection ' that you turn on in your room.   The composition created by ' Recueil Morbide ' on this album is amazing - neat in change the tempo and clean in combining brutal dissonance and gore as well as occasionally bring depth of black musings. Hatred of life and insanity in contemplating of the torture easily realized in the brain- We think it is the one most important release in the beginning of this year. 

No doubt hear riffs that are ruthless, fast and malicious - beats of drum are savage as well as the accuracy in applying many styles of growl in a song.   Our faces tight when listening this album for a moment and become red and swollen such as exposed to blows of the rattan when contemplating a deep thought on the lyrics and the structure of the composition of the music to which they apply. Extreme? it is definitely easy to felt. Sweet? don't hesitate because they play brutal death with a neat, melodic and grooved. The fifth full length album from them should be proud of and for enthusiast of the brutal and gore should know this work. A song which started the album was titled 'Ritual of Time' – making pains would never end and this song managed to demonstrate the hubris of brutal death by them.   Meanwhile, this head is numbness - starting to feels when ' We Harvest What We Sow ' and ' Belated Revenge ' be heard.   Blast beats accompanying the composition of a brutal style of Europe and America - more blasphemy and most painful. We were amazed and delighted to get the collection of the devilish's rhythm by them on these songs.

When two Chronicle unfolds as if this soul is wriggle by pain because always given the injection to the fear which is no end. Hear the ' Chronicle of a Decline Perversions ' and ' Chronicle of a Decline Obsessions ' really get satisfaction. You also have to know that they insert elements of technical in portion of the song-not thorough but forcefully.   ' Unconsciously ', ' With This Hate ' and ' Untolerance to Frustation' is not just give it but look even more predatory than the other songs. We rarely choose a favorite song is in the middle of when hearing an album, because usually we prefer in front or at the end of the album, but when hearing these songs, we had to choose the songs are amazing. 'Nightmarish Collapse' and 'The Suffering Remains' have similar composition to the early songs on the album however made more varied with placing elements of technical which impressed vulgar and progressive. 

We are satisfied when hearing it repeatedly because can feel the true ordeal of brutal dissonance. In the early songs was surprising-in the middle of the album is increasingly amazed and get a lot of nuances that are not only painful and frightening, but after hearing ' Travel to See' - we are smile, because they are so consistent in spreading fear and torment in this album. Sick was actually saved until now and will never turn away from their albums.

1.     Ritual Time    
2.     We Harvest What We Sow    
3.     Belated Revenge    
4.     Chronicle of a Decline Perversions    
5.     Chronicle of a Decline Obsessions    
6.     Unconsciously    
7.     With This Hate    
8.     Untolerance to Frustration    
9.     Nightmarish Collapse    
10.     The Suffering Remains    
11.     Travel to See 

 Marc : Guitar
Jérôme : Vocals
Will' : Guitar
Johan : Bass
Syl : Drums

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