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' SABAOTH ', a new song from the upcoming album revealed

These ears really need something sharp, stabbing, hurt to fester and we got all it now from Indonesia that ' Sabaoth ' will release a debut album entitled ' Unholy Divinity ' this month through Dismembered Recs.

A song that was published recently which entitled ' Pray For The Unholy ', mercilessly gives vicious incitement, ruthless, savage and born from the womb of dissonance. Offers intense beats and consistent in balancing the elements of grind into the brutal capacity of solid and dynamic. In the meantime, The implementation of tempos which grooved increasingly facilitate these ears to receive a puncture from the sharp iron that has been drained by the blood and pus through the composition of music they provide. 

Something hurtful and wounding the body and at the same time gives much of germs in the brain was an expression of us when hearing this song. No doubt for an impression of extreme because they give it. Now it's time for us to waiting for the arrival of their album because a madness in enjoying the pride of brutal and grind successfully we got from them.

 Boy (Vocal)
Rio (Guitar)
Ivan (Bass)
Marcel (Drum)

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