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'AZZIARD', New song was published. Third full-Length album will coming on first half of 2016

After inking a deal with France’s THE NEGATION and releasing their brand new second full-length, 'Memento Mori', in early July, it was obvious for Kaotoxin to discuss opportunities with the other act A.S.A. (vocals) is the singer for, AZZIARD. We’re consequently happy to announce the inking of a multi-album deal with France’s warmasters.

Born in 2001, France’s AZZIARD have since then released a couple demos and two full-length albums, evolving with each new release towards an always darker and rawer approach of war-inspired Black / Death Metal with a conceptual focus on World War I.

Counting in its ranks past and present members of THE NEGATION, Moonreich, Whispering Tears, Bran Barr (and way more others) and having played countless gigs and tours, including a stop at 2014’s HellFest and European tours, AZZIARD is currently putting the finishing touches to its thrid full-length at Vamacara Studio (OTARGOS…) for a tentative first half of 2016 release through Kaotoxin.

A first song, a preproduction version of the track “Unus Mundus” is available below for free streaming and download. This version will aslo be part of Kaotoxin’s forthcoming second (free!) label sampler, 'Weapons of Self-Destruction, volume 2', to be released on September 14th, 2015 (more on it later).

A.S.A. – vocals
Nesh – guitars
Zyule – guitars
Siegfried – bass
Arkyon  – drums

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