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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now

'CARNIVOROUS VORACITY' , something which preys and injuring will arrive in September 2015

Finally, the album that expected its arrival will be released in September 18th,2015 through the label 'Amputated Vein Records' .  Savageness of 10 track will isolate an album entitled ' The Impious Doctrine'.   Brutal domination,The execution for torture, and determined to kill without limit will likely return made by a band which formed Four years ago in ' Basque Country ( Spain ) ' in this first full-length album.  This album is a continuation of their EP titled 'Debasement Incarnated' issued in 2011.  

'The Impious Doctrine' will be more beast than ever before, intense in expressing brutality and consistent to inject their deadly double bass and destroy, violence and savagery riffs, and grunts of dynamic guttural .  All this still can be found in a song which published a few months ago, entitled ' Secularize'.  The lovers of brutal death certainly knowing how to defining their savageness in this album.

This album recorded in January 2015.  An Artwork, this time designed by 'Daemorph'.   This album also invited guests, among them are Konstantin Luhring (Defeated Sanity), Abel Suarez (Cathexia),Simon Garcia (Legacy Of Brutality), Carlos Mejias (Cerebral Torture) dan Pintxe (Maze/Ex-Impure).

Seyerot - Vocals
Xabat - Guitars
Ed - Drums
Turbine - Guitars

1. Raised Toward Heaven  
2. Epiphanies of Perverse Egocentrism  
3. Steeped in Magnanimity  
4. Grotesque Expiation of Dissolute Lambs  
5. Secularize 03:25  
6. Anatomic Human Degradation  
7. Serpent's Nest  
8. The Threshold of Obliteration  
9. Anthropophagous Infanticide  
10. Transferable Malignity

Writen by: Cerberus and Sigbin
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