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'THE RITUAL AURA' , High level of imagination unfold when "Erased In The Purge '' published.

1 Hour after they publish lyrics video, which titled 'Erased In The Purge'- instantly captivated and attention to us to write this article. Yes, this song comes from the album entitled 'Laniakea'. In fact, it is second promo song after they publish 'Time-Lost Utopia' in July ago. We are regret missed a moment at that time. 'Laniakea' will be released this month, on August 27, 2015 through 'Lacerated Enemy Records'. What should we say to their music? Only dwell to listening the beauty technical groove that made accurate with pack myriad of melodies that brought mind to imagine. Not to mention, dynamics of the balance in combining progressive beats into musical composition as fixed easily to find and listen. This is a technical death metal with a touch of deep emotions and hope that the lovers of technical and progressive death metal will also feel it.

Not difficult to hear the concept that they have made. Elegant Melody that created and balanced to the beats that stated smart with clean and solid sound support. From two songs that published lately, we able to feel the presence of deep darkness, the epic, brutality and full hegemony. This is superb from the band that newly formed.

'The Ritual Aura' have been established in 2011, come from Perth, Australia with showcase the beauty of modern technical groove and not forget the power of traditional progressive. Their music have depth of emotional and dominate all aura of darkness, sci-fi and brutality. Through the two songs that they publish before released, it is clear that we would not miss it again. We realize the music that featured on the 'Laniakea ' will not just an experiment, yet how to appreciate the technical with full of imagination. Must wait for this.

Jamie Kay - Vocals, 
Levi Dale - Guitars/Vocoder, 
Darren Joy - NS Stick/Bass, 
Adam Giangiordano - Drums

Track List : 
1 : Mythos Of Sojourn 
2 : Ectoplasm 
3 : Time-Lost Utopia 
4 : EraOf The Xenotaph 
5 : Nebulous Opus Pt, I 
6 : Precursor Of Aphotic Collapse 
7 : Erased In The Purge 
8 : Nebulous Opus Pt, II 
9 : Laniakea

written by: Argus and Cerberus
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