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'APPARATUS', Self-titled debut album soon to be released by Lavadome Productions

This is the first time, we touch their music. Composition of Black metal which filled with deep mental reflections such as this, which makes us interested to hear their album. Their self-titled album will be released October 20, 2015 by Lavadome productions.

Broadly speaking, the concept of black metal that they create a little different from the others. Experimental, unique and certainly has a distinctive character.  When heard a few of the wistful tempo of songs on the album, as if being in a strand of darkness who never offer an illumination. However, when heard a few of rapid tempo as if being in the abyss of hell without ever thinking to back upwards.  We refer to their music as a dimension of black metal, which desolate the reeling soul toward a solemnity of the darkness and unwittingly had offer the soul to the ruler of death.

Lavadome Productions has one again unearthed a rare gem in the form of a full-length monument of twisted and grotesque Death Metal Art.   Channeling the power of the Ancients and spreading its nefarious message with wanton disregard for listener safety, the self-titled debut album from Denmark's APPARATUS will be released October 20, 2015 on CD format.  Stream the album in its entirety at this location.

Track list:
1. Sermon I
2. The Unreverberate Blackness of the Abyss
3. Spheres
4. R'lyeh
5. Sermon II
6. Dissecting Temporal Dimensions to Afflict the Abyssi of Chronos
7. Miskatonic
8. King God
9. Sermon III
10. Prayer
11. Arkham

Written by Argos & Cerberus
Some words from ClawhammerPR 
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