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'DESDOMINUS', Official Lyric Video 'Uncreation' published

This is Brazil and do not ask a question of the quality of music from metal band there. One of bands from there that kick in my brain.  'Desdominus'.  I know this band, when a video that just they publish. Watch it here.

I assume that this band not only entertain the audiences however bring deep contemplation from the feel of the music they create.  No imagination for feeling to delight, noise or dominance to crush.   However, there is an everlasting hatred, anger, soul rebellion, endless of contemplation of life which pain to remember repeatedly and sorrow without completion. 

When hearing the melodies which played on this video, Ahh, I'm goosebumps to hear it due to truly touched my heart due to the beauty of melodies being played so clear and easily to envelop the feel of fear.  In addition, the mix of death metal and black metal is so impressive. I found elderly style of death metal and modern are combined into a power which affect the presence of black metal elements. I guess that I've found the perfection of the music from this band. Imagination and contemplation was I expecting from death metal and black metal on them. Magnificent and dynamically, but also still can feel the deep contemplation of their music.

' Uncreation ' is their third full-length album and will be released this month after the last released 'Devastating Millenary Lies' in 2013.  Through the same label ' Misanthropic Records ', I was expecting more from this band to do not stop giving a deep contemplation from all lyrics and musical nuance they create.  Active since 1993 and consistently against their character indicates that ' Desdominus ' is a band that should be respected in Brazil as well as in the world.  

1. Certo e Convicto
2. Erase the God Within
3. Uncreation
4. Sacred Scrolls of Holy Lies
5. Cathedra
6. Instrospection
7. Inner Elevation
8. Waves Collide
9. Beyond the Allowed
10. Sublimation

Paolo Bruno - Guitarras e Vocais
Wilian Gonsalves - Guitarras
Rafael Faria - Contra Baixo
Ney Paulino - Bateria

Written by: Argos
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