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GLOOM - Doggod (2015) * Review

When I heard an album that monotonous is made by only one variation/musical style, maybe I just heard once in my life, as it would be uninteresting. However,  when I hear variations of the music on the album is even on each track, it will cause I smile and undoubtedly will amaze due to the band has unlimited creativity.  Moreover, it is built with riffs that easily to remember in the brain surely will cause a reason  that the band is not amateur. The band always care for how to entertaining their audience and it is realistic.

I hear death metal albums that dynamically, indeed it's helpful to explore music.  However,I have yet to find a level that memorable in their songs and over time will be erased in my memory.  Until I finally found the ' Gloom ', a band that reminds me with ' Benighted ', indeed almost similar, but not the meaning ' Gloom ' not having their own venom.

Gloom's music easily defined and neatly. Starting from the performing of musical variations that be made balanced and built which different.  I can listen Death metal, Black Metal, Thrashmetal and Grind in a song - that's what cause I love this band.  Ahhh, Simple? Yes, this impression may appear in the brain of a death metal maniac as me when listening their album. However, for what hear music that complicated if it cannot produce a memorable level in my brain,  I'm looking for a death metal album that touched on my brain and soul and it was not to only be heard only once, but there is a desire to hear the repetitive.

Last may, I have one of the best and it is ' Doggod ' and probably one of the best albums of the year. A few of the reasons why I chose this album.  First, the concept of the album they created was simple but innovative and entertaining.  Secondly, The 10 songs on this album is impressive in my brain, until now I still remember the tempo beats and screaming vocals.  Of course, this band has a different musical characters from other bands and easily found on this album, that's the point.  Thirdly, I'm talk about the musical nuances produced.  OK, trying to hear the first song , entitled 'Doggod '. I imagine, this song with a soul rebellion against the rule of life, the hatred of life and dislike the justice from God.  I could feel the sides of rebellion in the early tempo, deep contemplation on the middle and in the last side is anger peaked.

Songs such as 'Craneal Box Mi-go', 'Eric Zann','Cosmic Devourer', 'Mass Infection', and 'Mater Tenebrarum XV', easily serves the feel of dark.  Meanwhile, 'Bolter','M.B.M.','The Halfman' and 'Necromancer',  I prepare all the weapons to destroy and kill due to feel of anger and rebellion have provoked my brain.

Should I pick one favorite song on the album?. I feel that all of the songs on this album has given contentment plus musical nuances that truly I expect from death metal, namely the rebellion of soul and powerful contemplation of life. In addition, they create riffs which easily to remember, always offer fluctuation of tempo for head banging and sway.

"Doggod'' is not just a usual death metal album. However, it is for my rebellious instincts, accompany when I'm angry and need hatred, it also an entertainment for me when I'm bored

From the beginning I knew this band, I guess that I have found a new band, turns out I was wrong. 
The band was already 13 years old, and obviously the band is not amateur.  ' Gloom ' is be my favorite band and now, I 'm hunting  their first album,entitled ' Mater Tenebrarum'.  Although they've created two albums during the 13 years of their career.  However, their music have touched my soul and show the best identity,  Rough, uncompromising, dynamically, entertaining and innovative is the character of this band and I admire that's greatly.  ' Doggod ' has been released by ' Morbid Shrine Productions ' on 16 may 2015.   I never tired of hearing ' Doggod ' and surely I'll be waiting the other rebellion from ' Gloom '.

R. Necroseheiim (Vocals) 
Fer (Guitar) 
Samu (Guitar) 
Manu (Bass) 
Ayuso (Drums)


Written by: Hydra
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