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'NIHIL OBSTAT' the video lyric of the new song from the upcoming EP officially published.

Colombian Brutal Death Metal 'Nihil Obstat' officially published the video lyric of the new song 'A Clockwork Made Flesh' from the upcoming EP.  The New EP 'A Collage of Perversions' planned to be released in the next few days.

The distinctive sound character that affects me to stay abreast of their music developments since ' Inherited Primitive Behaviors (2004) '. The sound character of rough, natural and savage are also in line with the concept of the primitive of brutal death, if observe in depth for the structure of tempo which created.  Not different with the new song 'A Flesh Made Clockwork' which taken from the upcoming EP ' A Collage of Perversions '.  However, the tempo that created in the song sound appealing, dynamic and grooved.   I have no doubt with their creations.   I could imagine the evolution of humanity.  In addition, I can also enter into a barbarity from the hegemony of the future.

'Quote From Band'
''After 5 years away from the studio, the sugarcane harvester from Valle del Cauca returns with a dystopia video lyric loaded with horror and science fiction for the track A Flesh-Made Clockwork, extracted from the new EP "A Collage of Perversions" that will be released within the next few days.

This tracks approaches a terrifying vision for humanity in a may be not so far future where the necessity exists of using the most abhorrent technologies and scientific knowledge in order to adapt and survive a planet that perceives it as a treat; altering their genetic code and completely forsaking the sense of its own nature to extend its obsolete existence.''

The concept and post production of this piece were done in its entirety by the Graphic Designer Mauricio Muñoz from Cali. This EP was recorded at Black Manthra Studio, and mix and mastering duties were handled by Demiurge Productions.''

Source: Nihil Obstat's Facebook
Written / Edit by Argos

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