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SERIAL BUTCHER - Brute Force Lobotomy (2015) * Review

Are You still having a piece of human flesh that mutilated yesterday? If anything, this album will incite and motivate to chop other human bodies. Please, do not assume this is just a mere incitement . However, it will be exceptional if prepared as your imagination to kill and chop tomorrow.  'Brute Force Lobotomy ', not only control brutal style that grooved and dynamic, yet rather a frenzy how the elderly form of brutal death concept performed and combined dynamically by savagery plays modern brutal riffs predominantly, yet not eliminate the impression of the traditional style of brutal death metal.  We could hear the malignant of Putridity's riffs, the madness of 'Deeds of Flesh's technical structure and Brodequin's rough composition '.  However must remember, the concept that they create are beautiful, grooved, dynamic and has a deep gore impalement.  

Conveniences be heard and never satisfied just by hearing the album once, yet will appear a sense curious and inducements listen repeatedly.  'Brute Force  Lobotomy ' is the second full-length album released by Belgian Brutal death metal  ' Serial Butcher '.   Unique Leader Records released it on September 18th ,2015. This is the second work of ' Serial Butcher ' that still continue the imagination to torture.   

This second album also consistent with the lyrics, music, and album art.  It can be guessed that the artwork is the second creation of 'Tony Koehl'.  Not the same as the first creation on 'A Crash Course in Cranium Crushing'.  This time, the clarity and transparency of the lyrics suit the art being created.

We did not find the inconsistency of brutal they create. Everything drafted precise, intense, dynamic and suitable to be heard when wanted to arouse the instinct to kill.   There is no doubt on this album due to surgery of 'Brute Force Lobotomy ' is the extremely agonizing which should be felt in this brain due to this month haven't found an impressive torture same as this.

1. Hypovolemic Shock
2. Sadistic Spare Parts Surgery 
3. Brute Force Lobotomy
4. Born on a Chopping Block 
5. Bowel Soup 
6. Fresh Frozen Females 
7. Flayed Human Skin  
8. Facialized by a Flamethrower
9. Rusty Lawnmowing Massacre
10. Worm Buffet

Nico Veroeven: Drums
Kenneth Keysers Guitars
Kurt "Monie" Termonia: Vocals
Koen Verstraete: Bass

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