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We found the lot of albums that released this week (September 4th-11th,2015). However, We have only able to review albums that best and should be your first choice before hearing other albums. 

We have a little time to review the album and hope that this brief review can be understood and be the first your recommendation.From the albums that released this week, We chose five albums that perfectly offer the implication of anger, rebellion, extreme, brutal domination up to the beauty of the Groove/musical structure and rate 10/10 for these albums.

NECROCOSM - Damnation Doctrine (2015) 

Must listen due to this album is brilliant. The best album, which we heard this week and even became one of the best recordings of the year. We've long been monitoring the development of their music since the first time publish an article for the single from the album ,entitled ' Octopian Eclipse ' .   Hear songs which easily realize the darkness, anger and feel of an epic.  The arrangement of the tempo on this album is impressive, not to mention a beautiful melody in every song that affect this brain to imagine a beautiful death.

'Necrocosm' is the newcomer in the civilization of the world extreme music.  What they have created such as already had ten albums and been standing two decades. Their music has a depth of darkness musings.   The combination of Melodic, black, thrash , death metal and technical riffs which blaspheme and beautiful, graceful and full of implications for angry, rebellious, death and unleash the soul. Hear the album that has the highest quality like this album rarely found especially for newcomers. Ten songs include two instrumentals have skillful and memorable in the brain is a testament that this album is best.   So, let the elegance of the music in this album echoed in nightmares until approaches a death.

Release: September 4th,2015
Label: Unsigned
Style: Death Metal - Melodic Death
Country: North Carolina, United States

BROKEN FLESH - Broken Flesh (2015)

Perhaps lot of brutal death metal albums out there and released this week. However, we chose ' Broken Flesh ' as the first album from this scene that must owned before seeing other albums.  Brutal domination combined with the crotch of slam dynamically affect the barbarity of the structure and tempo of their brutality. The band have ability to demonstrate a distinctive character of the composition that strong,solid, and neatly on each of their albums.

This Self-Tittle album is their third full-length since ' Warbound ', two years ago.  Never tired of hearing each work they create. Always bring the inhumanity and wild cruelty in every song indicates that ' Broken Flesh'  coined to rend your gut.  ' Broken Flesh ' inviting something of inhumanity and barbarity that exists in the mind and realize without doubts.

Release: September 4th,2015
Label: Luxor Records -
Style: Death Metal - Brutal Death
Country: Oklahoma,United States

CRUCIAMENTUM - Charnel Passages (2015)

What if the dark feel of the typical of 'Incantation' mixed with the aggressive type of ' Morbid Angel '?. The result is a hegemony of darkness and cruelty that can not be forgotten and impressive.  As a devotee of early death metal, we are proud listen 'Charnel Passages' from 'Cruciamentum' .   Easily get the feel of the classic from this album  when heard composition and sound settings are low and rough.  The presence of varied tempos such slow, fast and aggressive is an excellence how the convenience of hearing this album.

'Charnel Passages ' is their debut album since it was formed eight years ago. There is no doubt that if you want to feel a classic darkness at every song and  'Charnel Passages ' already satisfy it.  For more or less forty five minutes, you will be taken across the civilization of death metal 90 's.

Release: September 4th,2015
Label: Profound Lore Records -
Style : Death Metal
Country: United Kingdom

RAMMING SPEED - No Epitaphs (2015)

One that is different from the Ramming Speed's music with other bands is that the musical structure that cannot be predicted. Obviously, makes us curious to review this album.  Varied is the first impression that appears in the brain of this when the composition of brutal, Dbeat, speed metal, thrash and Grind riffs mixed in a balanced way and natural.  Each track invites the curious to hear it repeatedly. ' No Epitaphs ' promising a challenge to hear thrash metal unusual, and difficult to equate them with other bands.  .

There are eleven songs on the album, which combines the style of thrash metal classic and modern. There are songs that easily to find the mix of styles such as ' No Forgiveness in Death ', ' Beasts of Labor ', ' Don't Let This Stay Here ', ' Break the Chain ' and ' Master Momentary'. 

What they have created on the album is an exploration of innovative music and each song describes it.  Believe us,   ' No Epitaphs ' created not to be heard only once.  However, inviting to hear it over and over.  If you are looking for something aggressive and something different, you should be considering this album before find other album.

Release: September 4th,2015
Label: Prosthetic Records -
Style: Thrash Metal
Country: Virginia,USA

SANGUS - Pedicabo Mundi (Ep-2015)

Shut up and feel the power of anger and blaspheme in this album. All of that easily to be realized in four songs that noisy in this week.  We do not just once have reviewed albums from ' Sangus '.  This is the third reviews for their albums.   Before that, We have also reviewed the ' Saevetia (the 2014 EP) ' and ' Vengeful Brutality (demo 2013) '.  Their works are an expression of extreme which relentless and makes us never tired to review their albums.

We enjoyed the reality of anger and resentment when heard all songs on the album, entitled ' Pedicabo Mundio '.  Salute to ' Sangus ' due to until this day they consistent to spread the rebellion and blasphemy of every work that they create. In addition, the balance of Black Metal, Thrash Metal and Crust also increasingly brilliant they create.  This face becomes red and heartbeat becomes faster when heard the structure of tempo that savage and the moans of blasphemy that spur emotions from  'Pedicabo Mundio '.

' Pedicabo Mundio ' is a simple way to bring the animal instincts due to creating emotions that demonstrative as the real machine of extreme expression.   Connective your anger at ' Pedicabo Mundio ' before hearing other albums.

Release: September 6th,2015
Label: Forzamorte-
           Eternal Death -
Style: Black/Thrash/Crust
Country: Rhode Island, USA
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