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'VARATHRON' , The New EP will coming on October 23rd,2015

We realize that every song they create including the new song that has been published 'Sinister Recollection ' always force us to be silent and downcast listless.  Powerless to imagine a black dimension which cannot deny its presence.  Always creates the black tones that soothe the soul and the brain.  At the same time, preparing a ritual and forcing to close the eyes, when hear the riffs which created  .  In addition, appeared the desire to do not want to shy away from the fear that they offer, When a song finished being heard.

The news, which read from 'Agonia Records' , ' Varathron ' will release the third mini album titled ' The Confessional of the Black Penitents ' on October 23rd,2015. "The Confessional Of The Black Penitents" features three brand new tracks and four songs recorded live.  The live tracks were recorded in Larisa (Greece) on the 16th of May, 2015 and mastered by Achilleas Kalantzis (guitars). Tracks 2 & 3 have been recorded and mixed at Infinite Loop Music Studio (Greece) and mastered by Tom Kv√•lsvoll at Strype Audio (1349, Arcturus, Darkthrone, Emperor, Code, Ulver) in Norway.

quote : The band commented: "Infernal warriors we salute you! The Abyssic Black Cult strikes again! "The Confessional... " is the closing chapter of "Untrodden.." era. Featuring 3 brand new tracks of amazing occult atmosphere. For the first time we also include 4 live tracks from our show in Greece in 2015. Classic masterpieces from the dark past like "Unholy Funeral" and "Cassiopeia's Ode" will be unleashed upon you"!

The front cover artwork and layout include paintings by Carlos Schwabe (July 21, 1866 - 22 January, 1926); a Swiss Symbolist painter and printmaker. 

1. The Conffesional of the Black Penitents
2. Sinister Recollections
3. Utter Blackness
4. Unholy Funeral (live)
5. Cassiopeia's Ode (live)
6. Descent of a Prophetic Vision (live)
7. Kabalistic Invocation of Solomon (live)

Pre-Order, if you want to find a black dimension.
The EP will be available in:
- limited eko-pack (1000 copies),
- gatefold black MLP,
- gatefold colour MLP with poster (limited to 166 copies),
- digital formats,
- t-shirt and hsw

Source by: Agonia Records
Written by: Argos, Cerberus, Hydra
Edit by: Cerberus
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