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'APOPTOSIS GUTRECTOMY' , New Song 'Dyspepsia' from The first EP have been published.

It feels to desire to dissect the stomach and pulling out the intestine from a person who slaughtered yesterday to be exhibited on the walls of my house. This desire, which always appears in the brain, when hearing a song titled ' Dyspepsia ' over and over again.

The song was written by ' Apoptosis Gutrectomy ', which taken from the debut EP entitled ' Delusion Interminus Vitae ' and will be released this month.  Follow them, to find out more this release. 'Delusion Interminus Vitae ' will be released by the label from Thailand ' Swallow Vomit Productions '. If you consider it is an offer for an imagination of torture, you can pre-order the album at this location.

The first time I heard this song, my eyes immediately tempted to witness a heinous torture in the land which full of human organs scattered.  What created by '  Apoptosis Gutrectomy ' on a song called ' Dyspepsia ' is a barbarous musical concept of brutal death metal.  Not just play crushing riffs.  However, create seeds of surliness  from the depth of the brutal death metal that they create.  They also create raucous harmony accurately and balanced with the savagery in applying grooves and tempo which appealing in the ears , which cause i'm not tired of hearing the concept of brutal death they create.   The longer hear this song, my imagination increasingly powerful to collect the organs of the human body.

For art designed by ' Art of Sickness 666 '.  I assume , what is depicted in the album art, in accordance with the theme of the album i.e. suppression. Not showing the red color that usually depicts the blood of torture.  However, show the murky colors such as yellow and gray such as illustrating the dominance of decay from the slaughter.

' Apoptosis Gutrectomy ' is a newcomer in the world extreme music civilization. Coming from Indonesia, which we admit that lot of brutal death bands that gave birth to the ruthless and typical character there. I haven't heard the other songs from this EP. However, this is the right moment where currently, I need seeds of torture from brutal death metal.

1. Dyspepsia
2. The Infinite of Eternal Torture  
3. Consuming Labia Slam  
4. Necrophilia Lacerated Indecency  
5. Excruciating of Human Putrefaction

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