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'CORROSIVE CARCASS', Details for the second full-length album and publish a new song

Swedish Death Metal ' Corrosive Carcass ' will release the second full-length album ' Forsaken Lands ' on November 10th, 2015 through an experienced label "Extreem Music".  10 songs with the old swedish death metal type, will be presented in this album.  In addition, the phenomenal cover art, created by ' Juanjo Castellano ', which had been clearly describing the adjustment of the album title.

A song called ' The ghoul ', which taken from the 2nd track from the upcoming album '  Forsaken Lands ' has been published and you can listen it here.

We mention that Corrosive Carcass's music is natural seeds of ' Dismember ', from a rawness which be inherited and truthfulness in the practise of death.  No doubt.

Offers authenticity of elderly death metal, which not need to be reviewed again due to they conceive how to offer a feel of rebellion and death by offering a solid rawness through these outbreaks, crushing riffs and grooves of obsolete music that recalls.

01. Blood Ritual
02. The Ghoul
03. Prosecuted at Birth
04. ...and So She Dies (In Sacrifice)
05. Of the Flesh
06. The Seven Princes
07. Residual
08. Memories
09. The Prophet
10. Forsaken Lands

Mikael - Guitar
Peter - Bas
Jonathan - Vocals
Janis - Drums

Kanto - Guitar

Written and Edit by:
Hydra and Argos
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