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'DESECRESY', The fourth album 'Stoic Death' will be released November 1st,2015 by Xtreem Music

The 5th and last finnish Death Metal release on Xtreem Music for 2015 is none other than DESECRESY's 4th album entitled "Stoic Death".  Having achieved a very personal and unique style within the heaviest realms of Death Metal with slight Doomy hints, DESECRESY offers a new dose in form of an 8-song album what digs deeper into their own eerie world blending these cryptic melodies with their lo-fi rotting sound that always pleased fans of bands like ABHORRENCE, BOLT THROWER, DERKETA, INCANTATION, ROTTREVORE...

Tracklist for for "Stoic Death" is as follows:

1. Remedies of Wolf's Bane
2. The Work of Anakites
3. Passage to Terminus
4. Abolition of Mind
5. Sanguine Visions
6. Funeral Odyssey
7. Cantillate in Ages Agone
8. Unantropomorph

Release date for "Stoic Death" is set for 1st of November through Xtreem Music.  You can listen to an exclusive advance track from the album here.

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