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'EXTERMINAS', The Second Full-length album 'Dichotomy' will coming on November 11,2015.

Satanath Records with Metallic Media will release the second full-length album from Italian Black Metal Band ' Exterminas' , entitled "Dichotomy" on November 11th,2015.

Exterminas emerged from North-Italian darkness in 2008, out of the perpetual minds of Moloch and Raven. The entity was completed when Sköll and Februus joined the band some months later. 

In 2010 the first e.p. “Abaddon” was self-released in few copies, and went sold-out in a year.  Two years later the first full length album “Seventh Demoniacal Hierarchy” was unleashed with precious help from the American label Metallic Media.   Shortly after releasing the first album, it was time to complete the line-up with a second guitar player, and Eskathon was elected.

Dichotomy” marks a new phase in band’s history, conceptually and musically different from the first album, it’s a journey through the definite, clear and sharp line that separates good from evil, men from divinity, life from death.

A song from the album's first track, entitled 'God's Hammer' has been published, and can be heard here.

Exterminas 2015:
Februus – Vocals 
Moloch – Guitars 
Eskathon – Guitars
Sköll – Bass
Raven – Drums

Source and Written by: Satanath Records
edit by: Hydra
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