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EXUVIUM - Subarachnoid (Demo - 2015) * review

' EXUVIUM ' is the third Band of brutal death scene that we expect to be able to release their debut full-length album as soon as possible, because we already can't wait to ingest these nymphs into the stomach.

After a couple of days ago, we were tempted to contemplate the imagination of torture on the music, which created by ' Oncology' and  'Omnipotent Hysteria '.   This time, our bodies are tempted to feel ailing and suffering slowly.   ' Subarachnoid ' has just been released independently, exactly on October 2nd,2015.   The concept of brutal death which they create varies, solid and impressed. Offering a balanced proportion of all instrument being played is a major aspect for us to want to hear this demo. In addition, the dynamic tempo and grooved, make this album convenient be heard, without hearing the result of sound quality due to this is only a demo. More deeply understand their music, comes to mind that the music which they created, completed by the density structure of technical and rough tempo.

Indeed, this is only a demo, which containing 3 songs with a total duration of 8 minutes. However, when heard these songs, anyone who likes death metal, especially brutal death, definitely expecting a lot song from them. it's realistic, because we believe, they are ready for it. ' Exuvium ' also adjust the proportions of musical tempo which difficult to predict, which makes the listener's ears are provoked to hear the song until the finish.

Stunning at once fascinated, when hearing the music groove which clear and violent riffs of them. But, more than that, we loved the proportions of the tempo that they create in each song. The band was able to give a lot of nuances though only from a song that lasts about 3-4 minutes.  Not to mention, the composition of beats and rhythm structures that are difficult to predict, making us curious to hear a song until completed. For us, the concept of the music they create likened such germs that kill slowly, starting from the brain by damaging the nerves, and then move on to other organs, and we will not be able accept it, could be killed instantly or die slowly.


  1. Violent Obsession
  2. Flayed for Display 
  3. Succumb to Savagery

Jordan Dorge - Vocals 
Matt Schroeder - Guitar 
Aaron Krause - Bass 
Blair Garraway - Drums

Exuvium 'Subarachnoid'
Release Date: October 2nd. 2015
Label: Unsigned/Independent
Country: Winnipeg, Minitoba - Canada.

Written & Edit by:
Sigbin & Lili
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