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GUTTURAL DISEASE - Periodical Torment (EP-2015) * Review

When hearing vicious riffs in this album, such as putting a few heads of government officials who freshly decapitated into black sacks and bring it, at the same time running toward to the other tyranny region.

'Guttural Disease ', from Bandung - West Java, Indonesia, released an EP, entitled ' Periodical Torment' on 19 September 2015 through 'Brutal Mind '.  The first time, I reviewed the album from the Indonesian brutal death band and quite frankly, my ears, not familiar with the style of the brutal death metal band from there.  However, when I noticed the cover art of the album and titles of the song which blasphemous as that, directly I'm asking my comrades in Metalbleedingcorp to send CD to my home, so that I can hear in-depth.   It turns out, the barbarity which be shown in the art equally to the music which they offer. Their consistency in applying vicious riffs in each song which affecting my brain to think and assume - these young men have good talents in extreme metal civilization in the days to come, and friends in Metalbleedingcorp indeed hope to hear their first full length album as soon as possible.

I'm impressed, when these vicious and barbaric riffs combined in the beautiful harmonization of the tempo which, cause me addicted to hear this album. . For me, this is one of the utmost beautiful of brutal concept that ever I heard.  Beautiful doesn't mean that their music is not ferocious and ruthless.  However, beautiful in the sense, that the proportion of harmonization of tempo and guitar riffs, truly blending in a song.  In fact, if conceived in-depth for the riffs which created by them on this album - I discovered the existence of the continuity between the songs.   Their music through the album ' Periodical Torment' - a guarantee of satisfaction for brutal death connoisseurs as me. 

I could hear solidity of hyper blast - consistent and balanced in every song. I also hear guttural from the intense vocals - dynamic and rapid.   In addition, the harmonization between tempo and riffs which created, sound beautiful and quick tempting my desire for doing an execution from an imagination of torture to the bureaucrat and four tracks in the duration of 20 minutes, guiding my ruthlessness in dealing with foul situations of democracy.

It does not require a long time to write this review due to the atmosphere of persecution that offered from this album - quick stabbing my body and forced my brain to imagine of a torture. The purity of the brutal death metal with heavy riffs and beautiful harmonization by the intensity of the tempo that kept hooked to hear this album repeatedly.  'Guttural Disease ' is the new monster of extreme metal civilizations.  However, the presence of their musical concept could bring the epidemic in brutal death throughout the world.

1.Periodical Torment
2.Investigation of Dead Body Unautopsy
3.Psychopathic Iniquitous Disease
4.West Java Central Legion

Audio Lesmana - Vocals
Bintang Rizky Lazuardy - Guitar
Iqbal Maulana - Bass
M Aditya Pratama - Drums

Guttural Disease 'Periodical Torment'
release date: September 19th.2015
Label: Brutal Mind
Country: Indonesia

written by: Lili
edit by: Cerberus

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