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IN TWILIGHT'S EMBRACE - The Grim Muse (2015) * Review

The first time heard this album, immediately attracted when mixing of Death metal and black metal applied in every song.  Overawe, when dividing the tempo and created the riffs that nuanced. However, behind it all, shades of darkness and the moodiness we feel from this album that got us interested in reviewing this album. 'The Grim Muse ' is an album that boasts and excellent, if heard the concept of music for this album.  The combination of emotional atmosphere which created as contemplation, epic and darkness, accurate applied. The presence of 'The Grim Muse' in this moment is very exact, where we wanted an atmosphere of deep soul ruminations of anger and darkness.

' In Twilight's Embrace' from Poznan, Poland, released the third full length album titled ' The Grim Muse' on September 15, 2015 via labels ' Arachnophobia  Records '.  Offering a balance between riffs and tempo from the elderly style of European death metal mixed with gloom of black metal riffs, making the album impressed dynamic, grooved and cause the impression of epics, when hearing each song.  This brilliant idea become our attraction heard this album until now. 11 tracks capable presenting the variety musical structure and emphasize the darkness epic and emotional thoroughly.  Not to mention, melody riffs which allows the mind to imagine of darkness and the contemplation of life.  'When understanding riffs, which created on this album, such as come to an empty village and dry - and not deliberately stared over at the clouded sky and heard the screams of agony of the human soul, which chained by their crimes and sins - accursed and cannot be condoned.'

'Posmodern Posmortem' , revealed a curse of the atmosphere of gloomy and darkness that we expect from this album. ' Dystopian ', clarify the atmosphere of gloomy into a profound musing and showing the impression of the epic when understanding the musical concept and structure of tempo in this song. You will also hear as this on a song titled ' Grim Muse' and 'The Becoming'.  For us, ' 'Dystopian ', ' Grim Muse ' or ' The Becoming ' are songs that we assume as the assembly of nuances for the other songs on this album, which became a strong harmony and memorable.  When you need to hear incitement of the whisper of black metal, don't need to hesitate and wait a long time due to in 'Dsytopian' already revealed.  However, when tempted to find out where the first curse and moodiness, can feel it on the song 'Grim Muse' or 'The becoming'.

Hear the rough sound as feeling a touch of soul rebellion.  This might be associated with the character of the elderly European death metal which they combine with black metal riffs.  The revolt will not stop as long as heard ' Der Helseher (I Have A dream) ', ' A wolf ' I Remain ' and ' The Fullmoon Strain '.   Serenity, gloomy and  contemplation of soul on the song ' Liepaja ' and ' Chanclaid ' impressive.  If arrive on the song ' No ', please don't let your emotions, which slightly began to fade on previous songs until the song 'Gravitate Towards The Unknown ' due to with this song, your emotions will return.

Songs in the album ' The Grim Muse ' are not simple.  However, solid with the varied tempo and emotional riffs, which offer the black imagination become gripping. Not to mention, beautiful melodies and memorable in the brain of being created, difficult to ignore. The concept of music which created, too magnificent for us.  5 paragraphs of this article, not enough to explain the concept of the magnificent music of them.  Amazed and excited due to with hearing the result of a fusion of death metal and Black metal from ' The Grim Muse', offer us lots of the musical nuances, such as atmospheric black metal, symphonic black metal, melodic death metal, and doom.  Not denied again, if ' The Grim Muse'  provides the completeness of such emotional element of rebellion, anger, resentment, sadness, moodiness and gloomy of the soul.  This band indeed remarkable.

1. Postmodern Postmortem
2. Dystopian
3. Der Hellseher (I Have a Dream)
4. A Wolf I Remain
5. Liepaja
6. The Fullmoon Strain
7. Chainclad
8. No
9. The Grim Muse
10. Gravitate Towards the Unknown
11. The Becoming

Leszek Szlenk : Guitars (lead)
Piotr Steppa: Guitars (rhythm)
Cyprian Łakomy: Vocals
Marcin Rybicki : Bass
Dawid Bytnar: Drums

Written & Edit by:
Cerberus & Hydra
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