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'LOST SOUL', presents official lyric video titled 'Atlantis', taken from the upcoming album 'Atlantis – The New Beginning'

On October 30th 2015, the new album by Polish death metal institution Lost Soul entitled 'Atlantis – The New Beginning' will be released.

''During their over twenty years in history, LOST SOUL became an inherent part of the Polish death metal scene.   Now, the band craves for world domination with “ Atlantis: The new beginning“. Their fifth full-length album is their most ambitious one to date.  Production duties were once again helmed by mastermind Jacek Grecki himself while mixing and mastering were done afterwards by none other than Wojtek and Sławek Wiesławski in their renowned Hertz Studios (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated ...).   The diversified sound is rounded out by some felicitous guest appearances by Dave Suzuki (ex-Vital Remains) and the Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra (o.a.). 

In Grecki’s own words: “‘Atlantis’ is damn fast, heavy, evil, dark, spacious, extremely massive and technical. It's with no doubt a full-blown, merciless metal album."

This is the official video lyric of 'Atlantis' , taken from the new album ''Atlantis – The New Beginning'.  You can watch here.

Here you can pre-order "Atlantis: The New Beginning"

1. Hypothelemus  
2. Aqueous Ammonia  
3. Ravines of Rapture  
4. Unicornis  
5. The Next Generation  
6. Vastitas Borealis  
7. Perihelion  
8. False Testimony  
9. Frozen Volcano  
10. Atlantis

Source and Written by : Apostacy Records.
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