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'MASTICATION OF BRUTALITY UNCONTROLLED' officially announced the debut album coming on October 30, 2015 through Rotten Roll Rex

Curious, and finally answered the desire to hear music from Germany Brutal death metal band ' Mastication of Brutality Uncontrolled ', this year.   Why?, because the label 'Rotten Roll Rex' officially announced their debut album entitled ' Preemptive Space Warfare ', will be released later this month, exactly on October 30, 2015.   ' Preemptive Space Warfare ' will contain 10 tracks.

The band to apply dissonance of brutal death concept which combines some of the extreme elements, such as some riffs of Chaotic Technical death, catchy slamming that dominated, coupled with a slight touch of gore in-depth. Impressed a little difficult if understand the combination of the music they created became one of the strong unity of the brutal death.  However, when you hear a song that they published last year, titled ' Infrastructure Destruction ' which also contained in this album, our explanations for the complexity of their music does not mean, when all elements which applied was comfortable in the ears. Balanced proportion, catchy, neatly and clean in setting the tempo. If you missed it, you still can hear in this location.

Don't ever control their music, because it's outside of your control. All you have to do is - sit back and enjoy their music, it doesn't matter when you hear their music, while gazing at a gun on the table and a pair of machetes that exists on the wall of your home.

You can hear a teaser their upcoming album here.

For art .   This is the design of ' Daemorph Evil Art ' that has always created a monster character of each design.

1.  Preemptive Space Warfare
2.  Mother Earth Abortion 
3.  Brutal Laser Devastation 
4.  Milkstreet Mass Collision 
5.  Life-Form Adoption
6. Human Resources 
7 .Prophecy Of The Apocalypse 
8. Orbital Corpses 
9. Infrastructure Destruction 
10.New Space Order

Manuel - Vocals
Bastian - Bass
Flo - Guitars/Vocals
Basti - Drums

Written and Edit by:
Argos and Lili

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